Jaguars TRADE Calais Campbell To The Ravens! Jaguars Ravens Calais Campbell Trade GRADES!

Jacksonville Jaguars Trade Calais Campbell To The Balitmore Ravens for a 5th Round Pick! Trade Grades! SUBSCRIBE To Our Main Channel!


  1. Who will likely be the worst teams in 2021. I assume the bengals will again be the worst, I expect the jaguars to improve on offense. The only major team I see declining into terrible is the Rams.

  2. Ever thought that Calais wanted to play with Lamar? They were real close at the pro bowl, and the Ravens are contender. Jags are trying to make things right with players after Tom screwed things up. IMO

  3. So we pretty much traded the guy that won the Walter Peyton man of the year award, the best guy on the Jags defense, Calais mother freaking Campbell, for a 5th round pick?

    You might as well start sending Minshew to the freaking Colts or something.

  4. Ridculous, all I can say.
    Jags could've gotten more out of him. He is old in age, but 5th round
    Bouye younger, got 4th round. Mean to me could've gotten 3rd rounder or even 2nd

  5. Trading the sack leader dominant de for a 5th round pick ?

    Meanwhile my eagles saving their picks and cap space for bag of Cheetos

    Yall sure the nfl not set up?

  6. The Jaguars are a sad, miserable franchise ran by bad ownership. The league should be able to veto this kind of stupidity. Who the fuck you gonna get in the fifth round to compare to Campbell? Throwing a season for future draft capital should be penalized. This is a disgrace

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