Interests of Society or Rights of Individuals? Promises and Challenges of Social Media and Big Data

01:43 – Start of Presentation, 30:12 – Q&A) Social media and big data can have important practical applications in public health, disaster management, …


  1. All the Data will be used against you. They colect, process and analyze all possible data. Alot data. They have much more access and control, then a normal person. It will be allways used against people. (To generate profit for few powerfull EGOISTS)
    To control and canalize our actions.
    They want people to work for them. They want tgat people do whatever they need, what ever THEY will tell.
    As soon they see any chance they will grab it and never let it go by free will.
    Be warned all your Data is collected and used against you. Only if you restrict yourself and your data, only then you can win.

  2. ¡before supporting anyone on anything meticulously research to know Who Eventually Benefits And How! – twitter without explanations arbitrarily suspended @maxrafaelwaller and @mrwaller3 – 1:35 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Friday, 20 March 2020 leap year

  3. At around 6:00 when looking at data from countries with different conventions for naming streets such as the usa and China. I think its important to note that in some cases that can change flow patterns. I do not know if it is still to a level where it is relevant in a modern area with car traffic but it might still hold some relevance for foot traffic.

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