I Make a Steampunk 3D Print Tap! 3D printer projects / Makeblock mCreate 3d Printer review.

Get the Valve Handle files here ➜ To find out more about Makeblock’s mCreate, visit: Pre-order mCreate in …


  1. You should try out these channels for modelling and printing (in any order):

    – Product Design Online (Fusion360)
    – CHEP (calibration)
    – Maker's Muse (tolerance testing)
    – Thomas Sanladerer (everything else)

  2. Good job. I like the process – how you went from discovering limitations of printing to printing things flat to heating and bending. Very cool. There are different materials for the "enterprise" quality when you need strength or finish (like when you print drone parts). Here at Shapeways it's hard to choose a right material sometimes. And also lead times could be long. When you have your own printer – at least you can iterate on prototyping and when your POC is done – move on to MVP and print it at a vendor… Check us out. 🙂

  3. My son has been wanting a 3D printer for awhile and this video really sells the idea. And speaking of kids, your kids are getting so grown. Seems like just a few videos ago, she was just a baby. Thanks for all the work you do so my creations are easy.

  4. You can cast it in metal, they sell wax filament that you can print the whole part in, then put it in heat safe container and fill with plaster then when dry you can bake out the wax leaving a perfect form of the model then pour in your molten metal of your choice and break away the plaster when cooled and sand any defects out then you're done

  5. Chris, this was so TOTALLY AMAZING!!!! Because of your channel, I have been so inspired to try some of your stuff and with your tutorials, I feel like I can make so many things.Thank-You for the inspiration and the support to do different things out of my comfort zone!!!

  6. Just found your videos, and subbed.
    Great job on your first print. But i have to ask have you printed the most important thing, the bee's legs for your daughter? Made me laugh.

  7. I don't understand why anyone would use TinkerCAD. It's a really childish crappy program. That can't replicate the same abilities that fusion 360 can. So much easier to go back to a model in fusion360 and modify.

  8. Cool project, but I don’t have a 3D printer…yet. I miss the foam tutorials to be honest. It’s been a while since this video and the music pick up do-hicky thing. Still really enjoy these videos, the commentary and content. Keep it it up.

  9. I love the stuff you build, and it is great you are getting into 3d printing, You may want to try using supports on your first model, or just split it in half and there would be no overhangs and no need to bend the filigree and glue it on later

  10. Love all your foam builds and tutorials. You inspired us to make full steampunk costumes for our boys who went on to win the costume contest at our local Con! We just got a 3D printer and have been non-stop printing. We were talking about how wonderful it would have been to have the printer to print out some of the trickier parts we needed. So yes to more videos and patterns for the 3D printer!

  11. I think I would enjoy whatever type of builds you felt like doing, so no worries there. It is good for us to learn new stuff too, so go wherever your imagination takes you!

  12. Long story short… Back when tape was cool: had a 4track home recording desk: sound engineer friend told me I'd pushed the envelope of its capabilities to the max [where-as most bands used to stick a couple of mikes in and record themselves live]. By the by, your 3D printing journey brought that memory back. I think you've def pushed the envelope a good way to produce that fine piece of steam-punkery! So lots of steam in the bathroom, sit in your bathwater, [to paraphrase Steven Wright] turn on the shower and pretend you're in a steampunk submarine thats been depth-charged . Enjoy…

  13. Cool, I think I like seeing you work with both Foam or plastic. You could also maybe try to use em together in a project.
    Though I do still like the other diy video's since foam is a little more accessible

  14. I love 3d printing and my printer runs almost 24/7. This new world is amazing! EVA foam is still useful for a lot of projects, but I'm really excited to see some amazing 3d projects from you!

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