I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING – SPRUCE 2,400mg Lab Grade CBD Oil Review

Full review – Thank you so much for taking the time to watch – I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING – SPRUCE 2400mg Lab …


  1. in the dog version of Spruce they use MCT oil. btw this is the only review i can find on youtube of this specific brand. im also looking @ you other reviews : )

  2. I have some kind of knee injury that's causing a lot of pain and much difficulty in walking. I don't have any insurance and can't afford treatment. So, I've been using the cream for a couple of weeks, but can't tell that it's making any difference whatsoever. I definitely can't afford the 2400mg bottle, and so am thinking of trying the other one. Just don't know if it'll make any difference at all.

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