How to make LIVING SOIL / SUPER SOIL for Cannabis

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  2. Adding the correct mycelium to a mix that will or might form a relationship with cannabis roots is critical. I have no faith that the particular one or combination are the ones in that bag of pro mix. LOL

  3. I don’t see that any of these Products have the OMRI listed certification only the dry amendments….. could I use the promix MP biofungicide+mycorrhizae and promix Premium organic vegetable and herb mix are both OMRI listed and certified

  4. I’m planning to get a small tent 1x1x3 for a tight space. So I’m guessing a 1 gallon pot is best for me but confused with how much I’d have to mix for the 1 gallon. Anyone can help?

  5. Living soil needs a period of time to 'cook' before planting. This allows microbes, bacteria, mycelium to proliferate the soil and become 'alive'!

  6. You always plant with the tap root (the lil white root popping out) DOWN NOT UP that actually goes straight down once it gets so far the rest of the root that is in seed pushes up through the soil!! Sometimes after popping out they still have the seed on the tops lol it’s kinda funny looking looks like lil football helmets lol but ya don’t put the white tap root up when putting seeds in soil place it down!!!

  7. It's a waste to mix mycorrhizae into the soil, the chances of them infecting the host are basically none, you should better inoculate the radicle of the plant (the little white tail coming out of the seed). Also, a living soil should be thriving with life, I don't really see this here. You need to make some adjustments to either "compost" that soil aerobically or ferment it anaerobically, otherwise it's just soil with a fair amount of nutrients.

  8. Good gravy boy. Mg sea compost is garbage, with more synthetic fertilizer than organic anything. Second the pro mix all purpose is pumped full of synthetic slow release fertilizer that will cause you all kinds of headaches down the road, like a lot. Your mix is waay to hot for Autoflowers, I've burned photo plants in just pro mix all purpose on its own. I'm sure you won't have much "life" is such a chemical enriched medium and your plants will be very sad.
    Do some more homework or living soil, and your plants will be much happier.

  9. Rap with me for a few, I want to compare notes to figure what the hell were doing wrong.. on the fb groups I see fools on their 3rd or 4th node by 4", but the pack I just popped gave me 4" of body before the cotelydons decided to push the fake leaves out. Seems like you have the same thing going on. Is there any chance you either didn't keep the surface moist at all times or didn't wet the soil enough below the surface? I'm thinking this happens when the tap isn't getting a sufficient amount of water but I don't have enough data and this either seems to be or not to be an issue, never intermittent with 1 person for them to notice it's a problem let alone know what causes it

  10. After you mix your living soil put it in a tote bin and spray it til it’s damp with water ph’d to 5 and liquid kelp then put the cover on for 24 hours in a dark cool place to really activate it

  11. If I'm doing research right u should be waiting about 4 weeks to allow your "living soil" to create its life and become active b4 adding delicate seedlings. Autoflower or not, just saying and no pun intended.

  12. Hello dude. It is pronounced My-Core-ah-zay.
    Miracle grow is not a good source to be showing Marijuana growers to use.
    It is a very finicky fertilizer, needs to be flushed way to crazy to get the taste out and will kill all of your beneficial bacteria.
    Also, perlite does not hold water it just makes a airy soil. The vermiculite will hold water and nutrients though.
    That black clumpy ash you will get from your bud will be from the miracle grow. It is damn near impossible to get out of your plants without losing major bud yield.
    There are some good forums that will show the blue from miracle grow stuck in the plant even after 3 weeks of flushing.
    On another note, it is real good to see a new and upcoming YouTuber.

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