How to install Pot Lights in Ceiling | Recessed Lighting, Can Lights

To install pot lights or recessed lighting you need to locate your beams. Do this before cutting the holes for your pot lights, downlight, or can lights (canister light).


  1. Smart Home Tech in this video
    Amazon UK
    Amazon CAN
    GU10 LED lights
    LED strip lights here
    Multi color LED strip lights

    Tools used in this video are
    3/4 inch Flex bit 6’ for drilling
    Flex Bit Placement Tool
    Wire and Cable Pulling Kit
    USB Endoscope Snake Camera
    Adjustable Recessed Hole Saw

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  3. she has a kate beckinsdale type of look to her, which I like. It's hot. She could change my lights any time…and I would watch with my mega creeper eyes. Have a nice day guys

  4. Wow ..Holy crap I'm so distracted. That's it I can't work in these conditions….lol . A camera though? sweet …but I don't have one of those that's where the cursing comes in …Nice video ..great tip on the basement joists but so distracting did you have to where that blue dress…😉👍👊

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  6. Here in Britain. We rarely install spot lights which are as deep as the ones you've installed. They look around 20cm deep. The joists in American homes must be at least a foot deep to accommodate the lights you have installed.

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