1. Yes compost tea and compost is the Only nutrients I use. Can't use bottled nutrients or anything else. Well made compost, worm poop, and Rollie pollie's.

  2. I have found that the Knats come out before the soil gets loaded with microbes through teas. They are good for the microbes once the population is up. No problem with last run reused pots at all. Plus the pots do get better.
    Harvest the old tree to the soil,dig a hole next to it and plant new plant. Works great.

  3. I asked on the live chat last night and got an answer from someone but the answer I was given didn't make much sense. I'm using happy frog soil. When I feed my plants 1100 ppm, I test ppm runoff. Which ends up around 1900. But, 3 days ago when I watered them with ph' d water the ppm runoff was 400 or even 6-700. Why am I getting two different readings? Either way, my plants don't seem affected, just curious as to why it's not reading the same. Thanks in advance

  4. Iv done organics with bottled organics in the past aswell rob,I no you get a better yield with salt based nutes and if flushed properly tastes great.the only thing I cant stand with organic is the bugs,the small black flies that come from the medium you buy, streight out the shop they've got flies.

  5. Mids suck…. I'm done with low grade, low taste,unfulfilling blaze. I also heard pouring boiled water on soil will kill pests, before you start your grow. You addressed it last post.

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