How to clean G Pen Connect properly

How to clean Gpen Connect properly using only hot water qtip and dish soap tho dish soap is not necessary, no alcholol, no soaking and clean as new in …


  1. For everyone saying use iso, go to school and learn to read the description says how to with no alcohol, water does a better job and less harmful, don’t believe me just try it or keep buying iso doesn’t really matter I’m just trying to help lol

  2. Greico gpen science company has a video on how and what to use ..and they recommend using 99% isopropyl alcohol..if it works for you great but some of us use it alot and the build up which is great to save for later uses..but iso helps to clean the tank /vaporizer. …its a very great product …i hope they make a bigger size one for the heavy hitters ..6-8 grams of wax/budders/sauce a week builds up much oily wax ….with much use you will see

  3. Uh ooooooooooo…………. no water, isopropyl.
    Wont dry out correctly.
    AT LEAST get you a vacuum with a hose and suck some of that water out…

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