1. Been doing this with kief for a very long time… last hair straightener was $1 (Revlon) garage find, (at least) 20 years ago still use it a couple times a week with a c-clamp … as a matter of fact: Cheers DGC

  2. Morning DGC😊✌💨
    only able now to catch y'all in the morning again,

    Grandpa needs advice:
    have 2x2x4 grow tent
    Veg with 300w LED
    Flower. 600w
    Coco coir grow
    about to start a big bud grow, considering the size of my tent how long should I veg this strain for considering is indica dominate.

  3. This was the first rosin press everyone used.. the exact brand.. Remington wet2straight is the one, get the walmart warranty so when it cracks, you swap out… you will crack it. Then get a better clamp called a 600lb lowes hand clamp.. depot has them too.. we learned the best way from Rosin cup winner 2 or 3 years ago, farmerjoeparker… he showed this tech years ago right here on youtube but his channel got shutdown and restarted

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