Gorilla Glue Auto's Update and Super Cropping Bergman's Gold Leaf Auto. Giveaway Announcement

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  1. Hey Bill, Love your content, very intructive..
    could you please tell me what setting your are using on your camera (sensibiliy, speed, aperture) that can give me an idea of the light intensity you have. That can be a trick to mesure the PAR, no?

  2. Hi Bill , I used to use those garden staples too and having same leaves deficiency…I though was the ph too but after using those garden staples I noticed that they got rusty causing that deficiency . I use now plastic coated metal hangers .. no more rust… love those colas 💪🏽✌🏽

  3. Hey nice to see ya again my friend, can't wait to see that goldleaf progress, is that gsc seedling from fast buds? I hope you and all your friends are safe and remain glued up ☮️ and love

  4. Im sooo happy to see an Update from you, especially at the current lockdown situation . I guarantee you that I am going to apply all the knowledge from your videos on my comming grow . Remembering the last grow ,all buds where dense when on the plants ,but when dried they where just fluffy and no wheight literally , Im going to correct that all .Thank you Bill keep it up ! #MarsHydro looks way denser than the #Kryptonite

  5. G'day Bill I can not thank you enough I'm so glad I come across your channel bro!! This the first time I have ever super crop and holy [email protected] Bill she one week in to flowering. before I switched her to flower bro I lollipop her just a little bit. Thank god I did I had a good look in the middle of her! And there was so much growth I had to take out 8 stems that were not getting enough light. But it still left me with 20 stems if not more!!! It was so thick with growth the 8 stems I had to cut off were all twisted up plus they was so much leaf as wall that I could not believe what I was looking at!! She is so pretty she going through the stretch stage it's been 7 days today the 22.3,2020. And they is little flowers all ready but she has a lot more stretching to go yet! So she is not going to be not small at all. But I can not believe how many steams I have on her! And how bushy and wide so is going to be!!! Like I said Bill thank you it's going to be so much help for me how bad my back is and other heath issues I have!! Seriously from the bottom of my hart thank you sir!! And your plants look absolute stunning like they always do Bill you are a legend in my eyes sir. Oh yeah I like the one with the run off of nutrients!! Not the one you just added water I know it got bigger flowers but I just don't like or I should I don't like the idea of you don't need to add any nutrients just water. To me any way I like to control the nutrients I put in that way I know what's going in to the plant!! Not some thing you Don't know what they put in the super soil that's all and I love the gold leaf plant Bill she looks awesome how big the leafs are!!

  6. I am also in week 9 of a gorilla glue auto run and i have a couple that look like yours on the right….i used kind hot soil and just watered…( not a fan of it) and i have a couple that are a little taller…i also think i had a ph prob but the leaves are light green for the last few weeks

  7. hi there Bill, got my Auto flower of Sage N sour from Pacific Seed Bank, Im five weeks in. My strain saids flowering is 5-65 days. Think Im starting the flowering stage? I can upload a pic if needed.

  8. Hey bill. I need your help. Totally into what you do. I mimicked my style from you. You got me rollin. I'd love to pick your brain. So many questions. Keep doing what you do. Jackson michigan.

  9. Bill!! Love the channel! Where do you get the stands for your pots to keep them out of the runoff? After I do I feeding I have to empty out my saucers atleast 5 times and it gets pretty annoying. If I could cut it down to 2 times I’d be a lot happier. 2 plants and feeding is 45 minute to an hour affair lol.

  10. Hello again mr. Bill ward i believe the gorila glue auto was in 5 gallon and you make some video's when you lst her , the question is how did you transplant her while the pipe cleaner wires are there?

    Thank you a lot

  11. Hey Bill great content as usual. Having experience with GG4 Photoperiod only and not Auto's, I would not bet money on my analysis. Looking at bud structure -ratio of flower to foliage, the slight leaf under curl and what to me looks like excessive foliage (not a lack of defoliation) in the bud, my thoughts lead towards possibly excessive Nitrogen in Flower Cycle. This would also account for some of the color variation between the two phenotypes. Plants may be nutrient deficient in general, while at the same time the Nitrogen percentage ratio is still the dominant chemical in the nutrient solution. 'Gold Leaf' is fantastic strain to grow and smoke. Cheers.

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