1. Different videos. Love when u upload. Also try do change the aspect ratio to remove the black bars above and below the video. Other then that love the video

  2. Phenomenal work bro..I dig the dedication you put into your videos and especially your grows…you are an inspiration for anyone wanting to learn how to make your own medicine

  3. A different video for each grow in a playlist would be great! Your the best dude. Either way, I'll be viewing!

  4. I really like the weekly updates! Mostly because you say each week how much nutrients you give to your plants etcetc. Most important for me is that you upload and having fun in the meantime! You are really growing in quality content with allot of info. Try new things out and see where it goes✌🏻

  5. Hey do what is best for you man , if you have time to do it all in one then do so or stretch it out if you wish . I am still going to watch either way .

  6. My opinion: Each grow it's own Video (playlist). BUT if it ends up being all grow's in long video, I still will watch and learn, cheers.

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