George Hotz | Programming | reverse engineering the coronavirus #lockdown part2 | COVID-19

Date of stream 22 Mar 2020. Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat). Stream title: reverse engineering the coronavirus #lockdown Video …


  1. Glad you're at least looking at this. We need the smartest people to help. Maybe get a Nobel prize out this even though those sudo-intellects passed you up for one on the PS3 hack.

  2. That video about knowing the names of things doesn't constitute as knowledge, goes with my theory of, excelling/or failing in school does not represent your intelligence. Like coding for example, you might excel at it in school but does it mean you're a good "coder" ? You only know the name of "things" (syntax), but do you know how to actually code/program (Knowledge)???

  3. Love your content!!, hope you see this, but i really fuq with your energy.
    Currently teachin gmyself to code (python)
    Awaiting my comma 2 for my Rav
    And shopping for merch, to wear now.
    Too much info, but yeah I think you're great… if that means anything

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