George Hotz | Programming | coronavirus stream 4 #lockdown part4 | COVID-19

Date of stream 24 Mar 2020. Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat). Stream title: coronavirus stream 4 #lockdown Video archive: …


  1. Thanks so much George! I am an EE and I find this so true about search engines today. Admittedly I have not searched for a solution. I now start with what I think may be informed sources but this is so much more time consuming than having relevant results from a more general search.

  2. George, have you played around with IPFS and its sibling-projects? I have and it works…now. It really gives me hope that a decentralised internet could be achievable. It's very much like a global Torrent where everyone seeds the content they're consuming by default.

  3. If you want advance user search functions in google, why not use the advance search features? If you don’t want certain websites to pop up just google: reddit + covid-19 -newsorgx -newsorgx2 etc.

  4. You should look into Crispr/Cas9 which is currently the most state of the art way to literally HACK DNA. It can make precise edits, and is affordable to do

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