G-Pen Elite Tutorial

TVape shows how to use the G-Pen Elite and get the best performance from this versatile vaporizer. Read on to learn more! Buy yours here: …


  1. Wow the mouthpiece is one of the worst ones I've ever seen. Best one I found so far is Linx Eden or Gaia no plastic, and comes with a magnetic cap for the mouthpiece to safely put your vaporizer in your pocket, without it getting dirty or picking up dust/lint. More brands should start having a cap for the mouthpiece. The chamber is quartz which is apparently more healthier than inhaling ceramic. And here I thought the G-Pen was top notch brand.

  2. I did the sterilization 6 times and still found the chemical taste too strong when I vaped. I could taste the chemical taste for a half an hour after I vaped. I'm about to try to return it. Did I get a lemon or are they all like that? I don’t want to be sucking unknown chemicals into my lungs.

  3. How do I see how much charge is in the battery? I tried to charge mine right aftet I got it, and it only would light up for about 10 minutes then the lights turn off. What's up with this? My vape session was promising though! Let me know ok?

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