Fixing Broken Stems With Tape & Important Foliar Feeding Advice

Sometimes training goes wrong and stems get broken. Sometimes those stems can be repaired with duct tape. Also, I share some very important info about …


  1. here something interesting: i've snapped some big branches off aswell, accidently. using only auto genetics recently, mainly by fast buds.
    now the clue: i've taped the branches i snapped just as an experiment (first run i tried that method) and believe it or not – the branches appeard to grow even bigger, thicker and stronger in the end compared to the "healthy" branches that were not hurt. for the first 2 weeks it looked the other way around but then the snapped branch EXPLODED. I had this happening on 2 different plants with different genetics. names don't matter too much but i will try doing this on porpuse and see how that turns out. i was quite impressed with the forgiveness of the fast buds genetics. lovely!!
    best regards, cool videos mate

  2. Don't worry about what people say most of the time they are just repeating something they heard from another video everyone is an expert nowadays even if they've never grown anything accept grass in their yards! They watch five youtube videos and boom expert's for life!

  3. hi ya grammy .. TBH ive broken aa few branches on photos i try to get a cutting out of them rather than try to mend the branch .. I know you have a 4 plant limit but ya mom only had the 1 plant … just a thought if it happens again plus it would give you a go at cuttings more vids for us to watch bud … keep up the good work mate ..

  4. Plants look great G! You can't go wrong flipping to flower with the plants vegging strong. Loosing a branch gives the others more bud building juices, no real loss in the long run.

  5. And yes I use the overgrow same as you with lights on, I checked on it, Good for passing that on though cause some people will just assume!

  6. I like that overgrow I immediately went and bought it after I saw you use it on your moms blue dream, Great stuff, forgot to thank you for that, Thank You Grammy for putting me on to that I never foliar fed until I saw you use the overgrow and now I love it, Ah man you had flue!!, bummer dude I hope your feeling better, your plants look great Grammy keep up the great work I love your videos, oh and my power just came back on so my plant only lost an hr and a half of light last night and sat in sun from 8:00am this morning until 11:00am so I think I’ll be ok and I got my electrician coming about the generator so I’m not stressing so much anymore.

  7. Ahh I caught you too late, you snipped it, it’s all good Grammy now the other side will just get bigger more energy going somewhere else now will double fatten it up!

  8. Oh Man Grammy, no worries bro I’ve broken plenty in the past yrs what I did was use a fat zip tie, try using a zip tie that’s wide enough to cover the break it will work trust me I’ve done it!!

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