First Cannabis Grow – Journey From Seed to Flower

Join me for my first cannabis growing adventure- from seed to harvest! In this episode we go from seed germination to early flowering and you’ll see veg state, …


  1. You got too much moisture.
    You gotta ditch that DWC setup and go with coco/peat/perilite. It’s hydroponic and you can use the same nutrients. Way less bullshit to deal with and you won’t have to vacuum your damn plant. Your “big” harvest may be an ounce, maybe. I’m not hating, I’m just saying. I’ve been through all this shit.

  2. Looking good considering you almost had an irreversible mite infestation. I’d trim more fan leaves, and all the lower popcorn buds off. Then the plant will put more energy into the bigger upper buds that get more light.
    That is a fantastic job though seeing your lack of good equipment. Is this another Kratky grow?

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