Emerald Cup 2019 Recap Cannabis Show California

The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier cannabis destination. While advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming, its reputation is firmly …


  1. lmao. when you said what is frenchy speaking. i was to your left and would have cracked up if i heard you. i understand frenchy perfectly. i was talking about this even yesterday too, americans, except me for some reason, cant understand french people when they talk english hahah. french i have no clue either.. just french speaking american

  2. Best indoor in cali at the lithouse booth.. 10:28. Every single one of those glasses of nugs was AAA grade. one took 8th place. incredible small farm, one of the best in america if not world… i trim 1000s of pounds, believe me that lithouse is under rated and under recognized.

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