Drying, Curing Cannabis Plants Guide – CHEAP & EASY Best Practices

Today we’ll discuss how to dry and cure Cannabis plants after harvest and I’ll give you pointers on setting up a proper drying room with ideal conditions, burping, …


  1. Nice, but I like when you use flat Tupperware containers keeping a single layer of buds with closed lids. Once a day open use same size container, mouth to mouth and flip with bud rotation, let sit open for 30 minutes then close up. Repeat process for 2 weeks, then crack the top open daily for 5 minutes a day for 5 days, buds will be beautifully dried and cured, bag beautiful and will be kick ass✌🏻

  2. Hi Lex.
    I went away for a few days while my plants were drying but they got too dry. Some people say to tape a damp napkin under the lid to rehydrate. What do you think?
    Also, I flushed the plant a couple times however we tested the dry stuff and it was very harsh, is it going to get better with curing it? Or was it a matter of needing more flushing throughout the grow cycle?

  3. How long should I cure for though real because I’m down to wait the extra time for the best flavor and smell and Potency? Would be a great help if you told me lex

  4. Feel beter about my process now. I do a 1 month cure and only test a couple small buds around the 2.5 to 3 week mark. 2 month cure is even more amazing on aroma and flavor! Interested in starting a 1 year cure soon. Thanks for all the great videos Lex!

  5. Nice herbs @ 1:16, 1:28 &1:39.
    #1 dark area
    #2 cool not hot
    #3 hang up over laying down
    #4 leave sugar leafes on its more forgiving
    #5 dry trim take off all stems before jar
    #6 burp JAR 2x a day for a week or two to prevent mildew
    #7 after atleast 3 to4 weeks of curring…..twist one.
    #8 invite a buddy over to smoke
    #9 get stoned to the bone
    #10 brag to buddy….yep that's mine.🌱👍💪😤😎

  6. I’ve been hanging mine for 7 days. Plenty of airflow and dark but the leaves are still pretty wet. Any tips for speeding up the process without compromising the quality?

  7. Question. I've read somewhere that you can also Dry Buds in a Paper Bag. Is that okay to do if I drop one of those Humidity Packets in the Bag with the Buds ? You know how they sell the 55% Humidity Packets and the 62% Humidity Packets. The 55 for Drying and 62 for Curing. I was thinking of going with the Paper Bag Drying Method because I don't have a Dehumidifier to control the Humidity in the Room and figured at least in a paper bag I could use the 55% Humidity Packet and less likely to develop Mold. What do you think ?

  8. Outstanding video 👍👏thank you so much for talking very patiently and slowly so we have time to jot it down in our journals and understand it perfectly curing to me is very important and it's my first time to do ‼️🌱🌷🎆😳😳😳🤣😂🤗💯🎉 I am unbelievably a static and feel more comfortable to cure after watching your video ‼️‼️😝🤸😊🤘☮️🌏 I can't wait it is going to be so much fun ❤️thank you again for the great information an outstanding videos that are very understandable ‼️😝🤸 peace out from Oklahoma grape growing to all 💯☮️🌏😳😳😳😳🌱🌷👩‍🌾😜 LOL that make great growing to all an awesome flowerpeace and love to all keep growing let's grow great medical flower ❤️😳😳😳😳🌱🌷👩‍🌾😜

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