Dr. Sebi's Daughter Kellie Bowman Speaks On Black Women's Health | Essence News | ESSENCE

Dr.Sebi’s daughter, Kellie Bowman, stopped by ESSENCE to chat about her brand Sebi’s Daughters, Black women’s health, mental health, natural healing and …



    1. Learn to monitor your energy. I was able to wake up without being lazy after 3 hours of sleep for months. STRETCH, REMAIN ACTIVE, MEDITATE

    Understand absorption. You are what you eat. Remove anything bad from your nourishment intake.

    2. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes are killers. Even light amounts heavily enable subjectability to negative powers of suggestion and hypnotism.

    3. Remove retard, (the non earthly organic), and non flying birds from your absorption. again you are what you eat. COWS and pigs don't moooove too much. That 3-6 hundred pound human mimics what he or she is eating. Chickens, Turkey, Hen don't fly. Eat Seafood. Water is where we are from, originally. Seafood genetics are from the earth, longest, and live longest.

    4. Seafood, Beans, Nuts are the best and excellent sources of protein.

    5. Sugar comes from cocaine leaves and does the exact same thing to your mind and body, just a little slower.

    Flour becomes hard as a rock. Your body has a hard time digesting it. Rye bread tastes great.

    6. black wild rice taste great, make sure your land lords aren't crazy people and dont play with mice shit or "RO CHESS" (roaches).

    7. Drink 64 to 96 oz of water per day. It helps you think better. And, don't worry that you urinate or bowel, more often. Your body will get use to water and a healthy person releases bowel 2-3 times per day..

    8. Drink Soy or Almond milk.

    9. Choose your favorite fruits and vegetables.

    10. Be sure to eat something you like, candy, cookies, ice cream, meat, once per month or every 2 weeks. Condition the body to continue fighting the disease it bad food causes, in case one suffers a MICROECONOMIC fall. He may have to go back to garbage for a short time.

  2. Thank you God bless you Jesus name be glorified all my father all we do and your temple we need to be strong in help each other hurting each other with our toxicity thank you for helping us to learn and use the brain you gave us figure it out thank you for people helping show us your ways thank you Lord God Almighty creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in them this is what I've been needing sugar has been a horrible addiction thank you

  3. Dr Sebi wife and daughters stole dr Sebi company , these are scammers, they know nothing about dr sebi products , proof is in the video. check for yourself @

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