1. Doesn’t make any since.
    – 74 is a young age
    – His powerful wisdom would have got him healed.
    – how can one with so much info die so young???
    – wife never stated how or why he died
    – 4 month ago he did a interview with dameon dash and he was 100% healthy
    – What’s sad no one is asking the million dollar questions.
    – I’ve learned a lot from him as a health coach and based on his incredible wisdom and adding it all up, there is no way he could have had some type of illness???
    – based on his teaching, living to 100+ yr old and looking good is possible.
    – sad to hear this. I’m a huge fan of his. And it will never make since to me, that spiritual intelligence of healing end at the age of 74???

  2. 74 was way to young to transition as a health freak when I know 80-90yr old whinos in my family! Eat what ya want in moderation. Smoke what ya want in moderation! Drink what ya want in moderation! Exercise as often as you can but most importantly… Be Happy! Stress kills way more often than diets! L.i.p Baba Afrika

  3. I only learned of Dr Afrika a year ago. At least he left enough information behind, to Black people for generations to come. A lesson we should all learn and practice. Rest In Power! Dr Afrika.

  4. Man all these black health doctors die early and my grandmother ate whatever she wanted and lived to almost 80. If he ate right what was his cause of death? This goes to shoe you that you can do all that healthy stuff but when death is ready for you its nothing you can do to stop it.

  5. I have a feeling, could he may have been poisoned over a period of time?! The "wife" always seemed a way. Dr. Afrika started to look real shriveled up look at his last lecture in 2019. Alarming! Why is the wife the only source of his passing? Where is his actual family members, others accounts, or reports?! I am not easily moved and do not trust her words! Something just ain't right..

  6. I noticed that the cause of death isn't listed anywhere. Is it because he passed from something that his vegan lifestyle could not have protect him from? May he rest in peace but this narrative that being a vegan is going to prevent us from getting sick and dying young shouldn't be allowed to go unchallenged if it's proving to not be true. I've read that this man has been sick for a long time but no one is giving the cause of death or his illness.

  7. Rest in power Dr. Afrika. I learn so much about African wholistic health and fitness just by watching your informative videos and books. Thank you, newly ancestor❤️🖤💚

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