1. Jeremy is the most reasonable guy, Im personalisomewhere in the middle, the rest hire ar meibbe not wrong, but they are ho hard core to take seriously.

  2. ok so maybe there is gonna be a mass extinction but like the earth has gone through those before it will survive. we’re all gonna die eventually so i don’t care abt people. something is going to happen whether it’s in a week or a billion years and the human race will be wiped out. once they’re gone, earth will heal and start over with some other species. idk what i’m even trying to say but like idk i just think that everyone should stop freaking out. just an opinion i guess.

  3. Why do I feel like I am more educated abt ecosystems ecology and climate change and it’s effects from hs than all of these adults none of their arguments made sense they got their education from google and r close minded lol

  4. Humans have a heightened sense of self importance. No other creatures matter but us. We have to always make sure our species lives on forever and ever. Ridiculous.

  5. The man said “They try to play up that certain polar ice caps are going to melt and certain islands are going to be submerged”. I think he forgot about the many low lying coastal cities with enormous populations that are also going to be submerged.

  6. Not enough landmass for solar farms? Does she realize a solar farm the size of Spain is sufficient to power the entire planet and then some? I'm sure she didn't come across that data in her "research."

  7. We need to make access to scientific journals more accessible. As a grad student who does research in these topics, i can see why people "do research" and still come up with strange conclusions. Peer review journals are only accessible to scholars or for a massive monthly fee.

  8. I’m sorry but i can’t be the only one thinking Arthur looks like that producer in the Alvin and The Chipmunks movies💀

    -i mean at least a little bit

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