Devils Glue cannabis strain review – it HITS like a truck!

Take a seat and watch as we take a closer look at Devil’s Glue. The Devils Glue is one of the newest strains exclusively provided by the Devils Harvest Seeds.


  1. The content your delivering is just more then informative and entertaining 😀

    I just enjoy this(you) since smartheadstv <3
    will you maybe do a channel like this again ? would be so perfect because like the names say there is nolimit like cannabis reviews and all kind of other herbs 😀

    about the strain wow,what hybrids can do xD and also very intersiting : Gorilla Glue x OG Reek’n 20-23% THC can you confirm these aromas ? Lemon, gasoline and smoke (i mean you say in the review it has some gas,pine and sweetness also with some bitterness)

    anyhow stay safe and have a great time mate
    much love <3

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