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CoronaVirus #DutyRon #BreakingNews I am a Retired NYPD Police Detective and a 911 World trade Center first responder speaking about police, public safety …


  1. Wow, I had no idea the mayor of NYC isn’t taking this pandemic seriously. I have to say that I find it ridiculous that he put the responsibility on others to make sure people at the playgrounds don’t get too close to one another and that too many aren’t on the playgrounds at the same time. It’s ridiculous all by itself but this is NYC we’re talking about. Closing the playgrounds and parks is the only option. When you have a pandemic such as coronavirus with no way to treat it in terms of antiviral medications and vaccines, it is crucial to take these steps to contain it to prevent its spread. We can do that. We can take the steps outlined by the CDC as well as public health authorities. We can educate ourselves properly. While we all as individuals need to do our part to help stop the spread of coronavirus, our government officials also need to do theirs. And they have. I just don’t understand why NYC’s mayor would not take the steps he should.

    You mentioned the National Guard, and that their deployment does not mean martial law is in effect. First, thank you for clarifying that. My brother, uncle (retired) and cousin (also a police officer) are all National Guard. I recall that the Oregon National Guard was sent to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina for pretty much the same reasons they’ve been deployed for coronavirus and they really ARE here to help.

    I’ve debated mentioning this, but when you were talking about 9/11 and being a first responder that day, it reminded me of something that I think may be worth mentioning. Before I do, though, I want to say to you, DutyRon, that all of you who were first responders that day have my utmost respect, admiration and gratitude for your service as well as my deepest sympathies for all of those who lost their lives that day. I want you to know that.

    What I recalled was something President Bush was heavily criticized for, but I see differently, and that is the moment he was told a second plane hit the South Tower. People thought he should have gotten up and should have reacted more. Well, he certainly did react and to me, he looked absolutely stunned, shocked and he was realizing what was truly happening. He was also in a classroom full of second graders. Had he had some sort of huge emotional outburst, it wouldn’t reassure anyone that he could be rational as the entire country looked to their president to lead them and to determine each course of action in response. So I never felt critical of him for not immediately “freaking out”. I still don’t. I realize many may disagree with me and that’s alright. But I did want to express that thought because I think it is most important to have a rational approach instead of panic.

    I hope everyone stays safe and the Governor of New York gets it through to the mayor of NYC that coronavirus is nothing to trifle with.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    I think I’ll close with a happy thought. Harvey Weinstein has the coronavirus. That’s the best news I’ve heard since this pandemic started. 👍🏻🤣👍🏻

    Uh-oh. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued Executive Order 20-12. We are all required to stay in our homes and not to leave unless absolutely necessary. All but essential businesses and services were closed as well. I was able to get a PDF of the Executive Order directly from the Governor’s website, which is the official government website. Official government websites in the United States typically have a .gov in the site address so you know it is a government site. I prefer to read the actual orders for myself rather than let media interpret it for me, and share this so people in all states know they can go to the source. This means my kitty and I are going to practice some wonderful new pest pouncing techniques. 😺

  2. People do not realize this coronavirus is very contagious. We have absolutely no immunity to this virus.
    In Italy there are 5000 + medical personal testing positive for the coronavirus. There are 5,476 people dead from the coronavirus in Italy.
    I hope it does not get this bad in US.
    We were told in Canada to go out for a walk for exercise not to socialize. We are allowed to go for goods in grocery stores or pharmacies. Restaurants and coffee shops are doing take out and deliveries but no sit down service.
    It is scary for most of us. We do the best we can and not panic.

  3. Ron thanks for the info.
    I think Cuomo is doing a great job with explaining things. I look forward to his broadcasts daily.

    Even though we have been warned everywhere about taking precautions during this coronavirus some people don’t care about others so they do not practice social distancing or any other precaution that is recommended.
    They are going to have to start handing out fines for people to stop congregating.
    There are some on the conspiracy theory sites who have been preaching ‘governments are enacting Marshall law and going against the constitution’ since day one.

  4. Thank you, DutyRon, for this update. It means so much to have someone you trust to give you the numbers worldwide. It shows the public that it's real and not some government conspiracy.
    Please stay safe, keep your family safe, and always remember we love you.
    Watching from the Southern USA.

  5. Watching on replay, heard about some areas releasing prisoners early wth, law enforcement officers will have their hands full enough without that bs! 🙏👍👮‍♂️❤

  6. Praying for you Duty Ron,🙏🙋❤️🤗 Stay safe I know it's so hard right now to be positive., But I know prayers do help. I am being very careful, everyone take care!💟

  7. Mr. DutyRon, thank you so much for all you and Mrs. DutyRon do. During tonight's live I thought I heard you say you thought pharmacy personel should stay home and someone else would do the job. My daughter is a pharmacy technician and she goes to work and then quarantines herself at home alone. She is only 22 and goes to college too when it's not closed due to this virus. I'm scared for her and I just wanted to see if I could get some clarification from you. Should she quit this job? Thank you so much for your time!!!!!💛

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