Coronavirus outbreak: Montreal announces measures to protect city’s homeless amid pandemic

The City of Montreal announced new measures to serve the city’s vulnerable homeless population amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.


  1. Conspiracy realists have been screaming from the rooftops that they are going to create.a problem and then step in with the solution (problem-reaction-solution) for years now , they have been screaming from the rooftops that the government's will then implement martial law and round people up and quietly start to exterminate them , elderly and vulnerable first and then everyone else,  only to be laughed at and mocked by people who are to lazy and stupid to research for themselves and that blindly believe everything that the MSM tells them , everything that comes out of the TV .

    Now we have a situation which is self evident for every one to see that is exactly what these so called conspiracy theorists have been warning about , the problem being the big bad Corona Virus (common cold) and the reaction which is the panic we are seeing around the world from  the gullible masses , and the solution which is to vaccinate the whole world ….And still people are calling then nutjobs and tin foil hat wearing loons , even though everything that they have being warning about is unfolding before the eyes of the world , word for word,  they still believe their governments,  they still believe they have our best interests at heart,  they actually believe that mandatory vaccinations for everyone on Earth for the common cold is the right thing to do , that to shut down EVERYTHING and frighten the population to death through the media is the right way to go.

    What is it gonna take before you see,  do you have to wait before they're carting your parents off before you see it , or your sister or brother,  or is it gonna take them carting you off against your will before you see  it for what it really is which is what the tin foil hats have being telling you for years ….history repeating itself , WW2 , elderly and vulnerable first , then the rest , we all watch as they first take the vulnerable and elderly , hoping and praying for the best , then when they have finished with them it's the enemies of the state (truthers)  , domestic terriorists as theyre calling them etc etc etc it works it's way down the line until it comes to YOU .

    This is no joke , we need to start talking about this and lose the fear of what people think about you,  does that even matter now , it definitely won't matter months down the line if you could go forward in time , we need to all come together and talk and share what is happening,  with everyone , the police and army too , they're the ones that need to be woken about what a happening,  they're the ones whom are gonna be enforcing this insanity but it's not gonna happen if you're frightened to even talk to your friends and neighbours about it for fear of what they will think or fear of anything .

    This is our last chance , why don't we all give it a crack age stop being cowards

  2. With closed captions unavailable, sign language interpreter makes good move and stand behind women as camera crew try to move his camera. I think sign language interpreter should have known both ASL and LSQ at the same time.

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