1. Just proves the difference in the generations I was born in 89 yet still remember watching this on vhs with other classic movies like footloose and 21 jump Street all good movies with Prime actors
    Yet every one of the remakes of those movies were God awful for many of us because this generation cant think up there own original ideas now there reaching into the theater with cats and I have to say I'm very disappointed. I watched the new one to give it the bennifet of the doubt but it was bad only way I can discribe it it was like a half ass crossbreed between Alice in wonderland and the greatest showman which were both good movies
    But yeah that just my openion

  2. The new one is a nightmare, and the old one is…I have no complaint about the old one except the old one started the nightmare called Cats 2019! What a “great year” full of “great” movies! Joker was good btw.

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