1. We can anticipate daily consolidation after no trend change for bulls? But bears can literally drop any % necessary with no trend change, no bounce, etc etc without needing a trend change? I cant believe even in today's green the weakness of Canopy and some others. It is TRULY engrained in people's mind that this is now a sector that is only negative for forever going down. I am seeing all these links shares about pot sales soaring, some massive % sales increases, yet that has not seemed to affect this sector in the names where it should. The bears have it even better than the bulls had it on the way up with those massive moves up before (that even had massive red days). Never have I ever seen such a shit performing sector no matter what positive things are released. It has been the total opposite of bull euphoria for a while now and no change. I am baffled. All the things I have seemingly learned from watching these videos about how sentiment works is just totally not the case now.

  2. "Establish those game plans, write them down. Utilize stop levels. Have your exit points already known in advance. And have a good day."

    Dan, put this wisdom on a Chart Guys T Shirt or something. Some sweet typography, and sweet advice would make for a great thing!

  3. Just before 11am, CGC / WEED trading seems like it went weird, it was a perfect trickle down and small trickle up. Very algo like, as if the price was being controlled. It Ignored SPY, and just very methodically trickled down. Anyone have any thoughts about that?

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