Bill de Blasio – Campaigning on Progressive Change in the 2020 White House | The Daily Show

Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio discusses creating equal educational opportunities for children and reforming the …


  1. "My dad was in the military, he was in the war and he suffered a major injury."
    As soon as I heard that, I knew he had killed himself.

    As a fellow son of a vet, my heart goes out to you and your family

  2. EVERYONE WELCOME EXCEPT FOR THE UNDOCUMENTED. STAND UP FOR YOUR WORKFORCE RAIDED BY ICE. AND PEOPLE TOO POOR FOR TRAIN FARE. CUT THE FARE EVASION CRAP. Focus on your city dude. Done some stuff— go ahead pat urself on the back but still so much left boy.

  3. In front of Trump this guy looks like a fuckin genius…Like a Jedi master…Hope American people are bright enough to give this guy a chance to show his potential atleast.

  4. What I like about this guy is that he directly says, “yeah I haven’t figured this out yet in New York but I’m confident we’ll figure it out” instead of trying to distract the audience or masking the issue.

  5. I question $15/hr as a national minimum wage because that is pretty much the median wage in the south. Housing is much more affordable in southern states. I used to live in Clarksville Tn where a nice apartment can be rented for $750/month. To give you an idea a city bus driver starts at $15.75/hr with full benefits. This is a comfortable entry level salary in this small city. Clarksville's job market it great if you have any kind of skills. You could be a shift leader at a gas station making $15/hr. Assistant Managers at Pilot gas station make $52k a year and they will train you.

    Not far away where my parents live $15/hr would destroy the local economy where most people survive on Social Security. There is not much to their little town. Most everyone is retired and the only jobs in town that are not for the city are retail or service industry. Many people work remotely or travel for work. The low cost of living allows families rotating, seasonal, and non-regular scheduled work(think truck drivers, farmers, lineman, fisherman, loggers, ect.). A decent house in their community can be bought for less than $60k. Most working families make less than $30k a year even though retirees dominate the community. They would hate for this to change.

  6. I don't know Bill De Blasio so I know its unfair for me to say this, but I can't trust people like him. Everything about him to me is completely fake. I tried to watch this with an honest unbiased view but I can't help but cringe every time he tries to say something that will obviously make everyone clap and cheer. Andrew Yang or Bernie Sanders 2020

  7. This mayor has proven to be a big let down. I was gung-ho for him since the beginning but he has proven to be greater at flowery rhetoric than actual delivery. Many of his critics hate him, based on their own political bias but, truth be told, the man is a faux Progressive.

  8. I wish you had done such a good job interviewing Yang. When he was on your show, you joked around more and did not take the interview as seriously as you did this one; the interview was also much shorter – not sure if that was due to his schedule or yours.

  9. I have talked to ppl that get minim wage and r on assistance. Most of them say they would cut their hours cuz they would loose their assistance. What do we do? I agree with Bill, 15$ is not enough.

  10. he is irritating and i dont believe him, feel the indifference the unconcerned with helping certain humans up anything cept probably out of his face got nerve to try carry that diploma qualification like only he just did a 'Thor' what he say? " SEE how i am the only one knows how to do it what a maroon! dang everysingle potus gets in there and works or wth and never fails the literal way the each one be so critized and blamed for death and destruction i swear. Get in there and start your new job same as anywhere else its gonna feel as alien as ( hey theres a word being used in its own correct text i never had to think about it either guess i was listening correctly too in headstart stfd i abhor those halfassed lowblows omg im doing a mel :(_ but i smell a ratcist all i was not trying to say.

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