Big DRUG BUST At Mc Donald's, #maryjane #drugBust #industrysheriffs

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  1. It's not training day, there are very few people out in public, the cops have nothing else to do. The suspects are in custody, allowing for collecting and labeling evidence, I would say 5 cops is more than enough, that means at least 5-6 cops can be laid off as there is clearly not enough crime out there. I wonder why they called a lyft driver since they have a car…………..

  2. I watched the first few minutes 3 times, without wearing gloves, 7 officers touched the victims, oops suspects, and the vehicle, and 4 officers touched the car or objects in the car. Finally the two officers who start searching the front seat put on gloves. the cops almost always put on gloves. now they are being told to be sure and wear gloves and what happens? they suddenly don't feel the need to wear gloves. They can all be called corona virus spreaders now, and I would demand they remain at least 6ft away from me because the President of the USA (who declared himself chief of law enforcement recently) has repeatedly ordered social distancing for all citizens.

  3. You should have taken your new pals into Mcdonalds and bought them both a happy meal.
    You could have interviewed them while they ate, maybe helped them out with some table manner instruction, told them about all the great videos you've made and got them to subscribe to SGV News First.
    That way the two hours you spent producing this big nothing, wouldn't have been a total waste of time.

  4. There is no place in the United States that are injecting people with the virus. Since they have found out even kids can catch it. And I em if you get cleared of the virus. You lose 25 to 30% of your lung function. It scares your lungs.

  5. Hello everyone. Be Careful out there with this guy SGV. He’s walking around wanting to get BATTERED so he can Sue you. This guy is in desperate need of money so he’s doing anything possible to get a QUICK BUCK. If you even stare at him he will consider that as BEING BATTERED n he will Sue you. This guy SGV is a complete IDIOT n a MORON.

  6. 7 police officers these people are getting paid well for not much work,the majority of the Officers are making somewhere around $85,000 for rookie ? to $180,000+a year maybe more for standing around . They are paid dam well for nothing much yes sir hard times brutal even

  7. And the guys at the end discussing and talking etc and it was all caught on McDonald's camera and adjacent business cameras too, no wonder criminals get caught and they need the lowest of the low as officers, because those were stupid moronic criminals. All cops needs: take their car away, their drugs and leave them stranded and they will be able to gather all the proof they needs to jail their stupid ass LOL I guess those cops believe Trump and coronavirus will simply go away LMAO no gloves, face mask or any protection at all, enjoy your time in quarantine boys and girls LOL Stay safe SGV with the virus and your family also, i think that thing is far from over and Canada government is helping people stay home, have a special fund through unemployment agency to be able to receive 583$ per week for 4 weeks and maybe more so everyone can stay home till the end of March and stop spreading the disease in Canada. They also got banks, credit cards etc get people help if they are on default with their loans, credit card etc for that period. Even phone and internet suppliers have removed any limit on everything at no costs. We even have test places for the virus where you can get tested for the virus. All government employees and city employees were sent home because of it and all schools have been closed and school year is done and every kid gets to pass also. Income tax was due April 1st and they moved all that instead to July 1st to file, but as government as said even that might be delayed due to the crisis at end 🙁

  8. you know 7 waste of time for 2 or 3 people what a waste of tax payers money and I was going to say people are so Ignorant of the law that they don't know there 4th admendment right to search and seizures. is it ignorance or is lack of Knowage. It's a pig fest and you weren't invited to there little weed party. Damn that's fucked no money for that lyft guy

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