2×2 Grow Tent HALF POUND QUEST!!! Mammoth OG / Do si dos Day 65 / Day 35 Flower

Both plants are packing on massive bud density its now day 65 / day 35 Flower Instagram : 2×2 Grower.


  1. Keep the vids coming loving the grow and set up. Salivating as I’m preparing my parts list for order. Can’t wait to see your harvest. I’m thinking of going with a 2×4 set up for my first grow since I have a bigger closet and I know I’ll eventually want to get a bigger tent. What’s your favorite brand so far of tent?

  2. Hey man, thoughts on hydro? Specifically aeroponics? Basically copying your set up but a lil bigger with the Mars 2000 and 4×4. We built a aero set up I'd love to show you and get your thoughts. I think if it works and someone like you did it you could double yield and cut harvest time in half. Lemme know whatcha think. Also, thinks for showing the light at the top with driver out. Was really curious as to how close we could put it. Thanks man keep up the good work

  3. Hey man nice content would increasing the wattage on the sf increase the yeald because the sf is only set to 97.5 watts. more watts + better light intensity = bigger yeald correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that help more especially for the lower buds there coming along nicely a lot better than what I would be able to do so keep up the good work man

  4. LoLz @ shitty weed from shitty stores…. They can keep that 'snicklefritz' for the horses haha, strate up horse food.

    Keep crushin man plants lookin happy and healthy ✊

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