20-Year-Old Quit Full-Time Job To Make Prank Videos And Try To Go Viral On YouTube

TJ says he’s wanted to be a YouTube star since he was 9, so four months ago, he quit his $60000 a year job to pursue his dream. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: …


  1. Thats a legit job tho…. its a reasonable aspiration. And coming on the Dr Phil show to promote it is the key to the coins.

    This is kid is smart. He's doing what Bhad Bitty, Ava Louiise, Bhad Barbie and so many others have already done.


  2. I don't think he should be acting like a blind person. That is not really funny. I have a friend whose daughter is legally blind. Karma sucks little boy. Grow up and your parents need to stop giving you money.

  3. He didn't have to give up the $60,000 job, you could have kept the job and done prank videos on the side
    And shame on him for pretending to be blind when real people have that disability

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