1. If they really wanted to keep good players they wouldn't have lost rt conklin over a couple million. Dollar despite with Henry.
    I thought we might add not subtract. I guess we will save another 30 million under cap again .

  2. Tannehill's actually more of a risk than Brady thanks to missing 24 games in his last 3 years with Miami. Also, he had a solid run with Miami, so I don't know where these comparisons to Young and Testaverde come from. Any quarterback that keeps a lousy franchise like Miami respectable for most of his 8-year run deserves at least a little respect.

  3. They need some other receivers. They can only ride the Derrick Henry train for so long. He’s gonna get injured doing all that running. You saw him get stopped in the second half of the playoff game for only 7 yards. He was just worn down.

  4. I'm a NE fan and I wanted to survey Brady's performance in a lost game last year against the Titans in the wild card. I had forgotten it was a 14-13 game down to the last minute, and the on three straight occasions inside the 5 the Patriots went to the left and were stopped each time by #54 , and that Derrick Henry was shut down in the second half after a huge first half.

    Brady's INT off a tip drill ball is perhaps one he never should have attempted to throw, a bad play, leading to and INT followed by a TD. A very bad play all round, but it was from from the worst offensive call made that day.

    I say this to draw attention to Tannehill. Was it Tannehill or Henry that got them to the playoffs? For my money it was Henry. 14 points was all Tannehill could muster and if the Patriots make a score once in three tries I'm not writing this. So, what is my point?

    NFL teams are more and more defined by the decisions they make. The Titans have decided Tannehill is greater than a 9X Super Bowl QB, who arguably is near the end of his career. It is the reason I wanted to watch the game again.

    Judging from games I watched the last two years seeing the Patriots descend from the top of offensive producers I need only look at the personnel choices Belichick has made to see why Brady has declined. With no legit deep threat and an offense that relies on quick strikes it is easy to see why Brady does not throw long. Additionally, last year teams got on to the methods of success the Patriots use and stop on on a great number of plays that have been successful in the past.With the record of 12-4 the Patriots still have the wining formula, but they lack championship type personnel especially in the receiver corp.
    Belichick has tried and succeeded, but only to an extent and as we see how tight his cap situation is, he has not always made the best personnel decisions including with the money. So, today we don't know if Brady will return for the "meager" reported $23M a year offered or if Brady will find a suitor to bring him into the $30M+ territory for his final 3 years of career, because make no mistake Brady has to goods to take a team to the Super Bowl, but is a team itself prepared, personnel-wise, in it's coordination, both offensive and defensively to take advantage of a 9X Super Bowl QB, this remain to be seen. Brady is ready.

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