1. A QUICK SIDENOTE: We forgot to mention in the Vlog that if you want to send emails to the Disney customer service please do, if you have had any issues now or in the past please reach out to them and voice your concern. Only together they will listen to us. This is a great way for all over to make a change and ensure we are all happy and safe in Disney and not just brushed off.

  2. This is disgusting what they did to you. I followed the whole story on Instagram. Hope you have a better experience next time. Hope you can still enjoy Disney again. Love you guys 💜

  3. When you teared up, that got me. I shed a tear as well. I miss Jaq a lot too. I used to do some of the CC for her channel. And learned a lot about myself from you and her. Much love to you all ❤️

  4. I'm confused….what was your issue? Did a dog attack Orion? Did they stop you and Orion from entering? Or are you just arguing the point of what the policy is? I'm just trying to understand so that I can be educated as to what Disney actually did to offend you.

  5. I would carry a copy of orion's service dog papers to prove that he is a service dog and I would get a letter of need from a doctor stating that you need orion for your health condition. that way if the same insident happens again you will have proof that you do need orion with you.

  6. Not enough disabled people for them beyond the good PR activities. More people that will pay more to bring their pets in will do so than the amount of people that are disabled that come in. Other than making accommodations for the disabled that they have to, don't expect anything more ever from anybody especially a corporation as big as Disney. If you can get people that are disabled and have service animals to come together as a collective you then may be able to get their attention. Because Disney is great at showing off and encouraging people they think have a voice and presence on social media to show support for them and scoff at any negative stories. And possibly the only way to even spark their attention is to show evidence. you may have to just go on a few Disney trips with your camera as if you are tourists On vacation to actually show people how much of a problem this is. Like those undercover exposé stories. I'm sorry this happened to you guys. I understand your frustration and disappointment in Disney. Glad to see you guys!

  7. That’s crazy how ignorant people are not knowing there own job acting so disgusting it’s ridiculous, just trying to having a good time. Sorry you guys had to go through that though :/

  8. The level of disrespect from several Disney employee is appalling. The least Disney could have offered was a sincere apology from the guilty employees. Kudos for staying calm and sorry you had to experience this uncalled for situation. And, so good to see you guys again

  9. Big companies don't care about people. It's all fog and mirrors(customer policy) to lure you in but it's all for that dollar and to make sure no one sues them……
    But stay 💪you got this 👊

  10. I actually saw the story on Instagram and that just pissed me off I can’t believe that Disney did that to you guys and I think I even messaged you Janice’s I’m sorry I’m not good with spelling lol

  11. I am so happy you guys are back, I have been checking every week since you guys stopped vlogging to see if there were any new vids, I am so glad your back, your content is informative, funny, and so uplifting you guys. I love the light hearted jokes, between the two of and your mom janiece, you guys keep me smiling and as a fellow potsy, your vids keep me going and janiece you give me strength to know it's okay to have bad days, but you also teach everyone how to enjoy the good days and how to roll with the punches. Thank you janiece, Paul, Orion and yori. You guys make a difference to patients like me, you keep our spirits lifted, so thanks!🧸🙂👍

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