1. you are one of the most kind and chill youtubers out here. dont stop grinding brotha! no matter the views or likes we all love you're videos my man. Much love from cali!

  2. sugar cane by inhouse genetics is the frostiest weed on the internet, i would like to see you review it if you ever see it. peace from UK :p

  3. I love you bro. He says I'm running out of words. Thanks bro I definitely would love to try something flavorful and rare like that. Thanks friend you're the best. ENJOY 🍻 ✌& 💘

  4. Rolling up and smoking some "Sour Cheese" by Dial-A-Bud. (Sour Diesel / Cheese) while watching! Haven't smoked anything Watermelon in a long time, may have to look for some soon 🙂

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