Timelapse | Multiple Smaller Plants | 3'x3' | PhytoMAX-2 600

This companion timelapse to the Multiple Smaller Plant Grow-Along featuring the PhytoMAX-2 600 in a 3’x3′ tent shows the entire grow compressed to a few …


  1. Hi, i'm interested by your Phytomax 2 600w, and i would like to put it in a 3.5×3.5 tent. What do you think? Should be in a biggest growtent? I don't use CO2
    Thanks for your videos!
    From France 😉

  2. I think you guy should have a dwc grow with four plants under the 1000 watt led i think you guys can get over four pounds easy with that method . Because not everybody uses soil or soiless mix

  3. What was the pot size ? How long did you veg before flower ? Going to do this style next run … tried your defoliation and sure enough 4 days later and I can barely tell.love it . Going to defoliatate again day 20

  4. Great video, I'm very interested in your 800w or 1000w models, would either one of them fit for a 4×4 tent with a height of 200cm? Thank you

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