1. My dads a police officer and he says that people in the police can’t say how they obtained their knowledge or why they have suspicion, hence why the officer in your story didn’t answer your questions

  2. Damn bro that’s a crazy story. Just took the entire month of October off of weed and about to break the streak of sobriety in two days. Wish me luck, you’re a legend homie!

  3. I'm gonna have no choice but to go on a decently long tolerance break because I got in some trouble with the parents for "getting caught" and summer is coming up, so now instead of getting high the entire summer with my friends, I have to just play it stone sober because for some fucked up reason my mom who's a nurse gets free drug tests (I know it's fucked up) so now imma just have to chill and be sober for most of the summer.

  4. I think it was because of the Molly bro… Last time I took Molly and smoked after I almost had a panic attack, it was the same thing you described. It scares me, but I wasn't on a break either so I smoked again a few days later (not rolling) and I was fine. Molly and weed don't mix

  5. Say son you cool people, I been fuckin wit yo vids. I watch em at the start and end of the day. Keep up everything you doing stay positive and be safe. You MY stoner teacher even if another nigga say otherwise. Much love And would love to hang with you some day…

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