How To Heal Your Body Using The Cannabis Plant! ๐ŸŒฑ ( CBD Oil )

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  1. What you said at 2:00 to 2:10 I been telling my kids the exact same thing, God has provided everything we need we just gotta learn how to use it. I love your energy so much!
    My 20 year old just called me and said "ma i got something for ya" it was the cannabis that you can smoke, my question is do it have the same health benefits as the oil

  2. I weigh 290 lb I've been looking at Dr sebi natural herb videos and other brothers and sisters videos of natural healing can anybody help me with this process of losing weight

  3. CBD is great and just now getting the reputation it deserves. Not only is it a natural muscle relaxer but its a anti inflammatory powerhouse. If you order CBD online make sure you go with a reputable brand thats lab tested, since a lot of stuff out there is fake. is hands down the best brand and you can get 20% off all orders using coupon code SCOTT20.

  4. I'm so glad so many people are now using cbd to heal their body's in the most natural way possible.

    I am a firm believer that the Earth naturally provides every answer to all ailments. We just have to find them and use them. Many of our ancestors have been doing this for thousands of years and unfortunately modern life has lost touch with these, hemp plants is just one which we shouldn't have lost!

  5. As long as the cannabis/hemp plants have been grown without chemicals added to help it grow faster then its good. If not you just poisening your body. We all know whats in them man made fertilizer chemicals and non of it is good. Evan using animal manure is bad if the farmers are giving the animals anti biotics, growth hormones, IGF1 etc the list goes on. Evan medicine for the animal when its ill. We still consume all this as its released into the tissue of the animal which people eat and through its feces. Which then transfer into the plant its used to grow.

  6. I need it


    I've got anxiety

    I ate an edible(with god knows how much THC and was made with Loud) and it triggered my anxiety roughly

    I need to get up on CBD my nephew been telling me about it

    You sure it won't effect anxiety in a negative way

    Doing BIG TINGZ my youth….!!
    I'm LOVIN' IT …..!!!!!!
    Thankh you so much for D UPFUL Vibezz….. For D CBD oil…… For the KNOWLEDGE …..and just for being YOU!
    I Can Never be UNgrateful…..
    ๐Ÿ’›MY LORD

  8. i fucked my life with cannabis, your right.. everything has its purpose.. fruits purpose is to feed humans.. plants are there own being and they arent trying to have there flowers ripped off, devils weed, whatever you do, dont get addicted.. quit 4 months ago and still so fucked up with depression and anxiety.. organic aswel no pesticides or anything.. dont fall for it brother i feel like if any1 else but myself was goin through the withdrawrals i am right now theyd kill themselves, im so close myself

  9. Mybrother has M.S. and I get your Seamoss and it works alot for him and I I'm going to your site right now cause I've always wanted to try this for him. Thanks and another thing that helps him is Beets.. I blend it and drink it and I can even tell in the color of his Urine ( TMI I know ) but I can tell it's cleaning the liver and helping him alot. Blessing and Love

  10. I n I and my animal friend have been using full spectrum cbd oil for about 6 months, incredible results mentally and physically. great video breddah, thanx for your channel ๐Ÿ™ …..RISE UP โœŠ๐ŸŒฑโค

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