Guinea Pig Medical Curiosities and Oddities Cabinet – WARNING GRAPHIC!!

WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT. This is not for the faint of heart. This video shows off the collection of Formaldehyde preserved oddities belonging …


  1. Can someone please answer me? I’m looking to buy a 50 pound bag of hay off amazon (oxbow) and it’s $130 so I guess my question is should I get Timothy hay or orchard grass? And will it go bad??

    I normally get both hays but I don’t want to get 100 pounds of hay 😆😆 I only have 2 piggies

  2. Hi! I have a question about a possible vet oopsie on my piggie. I had two sisters; Jemima and Julietta. Jemima had a cough so we took her to the vet to get antibiotics. The vet took her temperature but putting the thermometer in her bottom. The next day I checked on her and she was bleeding from her bum. We took her to the vet again and they put her to sleep 😭. She was 7 but running around and eating fine. I thought nothing of it until my 9 year old Julietta (I know she is my little old lady!) had a cough two weeks ago. We took her to the vet and they gave us more antibiotics and took her temperature. The next day she was bleeding from her bum like her sister. It was impossible to take her to the vet that day so we decided to leave her overnight. By the morning she was absolutely fine! She is still perfect now. I don’t know if I did the wrong thing letting the vet put Jemima to sleep. Have you seen this before???? Thank you and best wishes from the UK 🇬🇧💜💜💜

  3. This was it-cant imagine a life without guineapigs !!! Had guinneapigs for ten years (still have three, two fosters and one of two in a pair , one sadly died last summer) and while watching this video , the small ones , my heart just said…L O V E , F O R E V E R!!! … reading all comments…the fragile beauty of last moments together, neverending care, holy sanctuaries in our gardens, our homes… (the beauty of bones and dust…) very touched by this film, thank U both, love from Maria in Sweden

  4. WOW!! Thats so interesting. Suddenly Im wish I had a guines pig anatomy book. I just realized I dont even know what my guines pigs anatomy really looks like under all that cuteness. 😦

  5. Omg, I love this! Sorry, I know there are some sad stories behind it.. I'm just weird. I had one of my guinea pigs mounted when he died (of natural causes). Looks like a Victorian specimen because they thought guinea pigs have more like a rats scull. But I love him anyway.. =)

  6. How big were these guinea pigs?! I had an ovarian cyst rupture that was almost the size of the ones taken out of the guinea pig. I almost needed to have surgery, wtf? Poor piggy girl.

  7. Syvia has forgotten more about guinea pigs than I will ever know. Impressive. Still can get over that sanctuary for them from the last video. That was AWESOME. Thanks for sharing, Silvia! And thanks for helping the little pigs.

  8. I’m surprised with myself – I was able to watch that without cringing (much) because that’s how we learn to care for sick piggies. There really is no telling how many piggies’ lives were saved because of having the contents of those jars to study.

  9. This is such an interesting video! The heart, in particular, was interesting because it looks like a human heart only smaller. The baby pigs were sad though.

  10. Last year, there was an oddities and curiosities expo near me. One booth had a preserved guinea pig (people didn't know what it was). I asked if I could take a picture of it because it looked like one of my piggies at home.

  11. It’s helpful to see the tumors and bladder stone. I didn’t t get what happened to the orange and white boar? Since my Iris is pregnant it was hard to see the babies. I hope hers make it. I am feeding her 48 ccs of critical care per day plus extra banana for potassium. She’s due any time now…

  12. I have recently decided to get all my females spade and after seeing the ovarian tumors proves I've made the right decision. One done and 3 more to go. We've lost too many piggies in the past to ovarian cancer. Thanks for sharing this information! 🙂

  13. I have a guineapig skull of one of my former guineapigs named Darwin. Darwin was my best friend in a difficult time, i got better but after a while he got sick. He was drooling and kept losing weight. I tried everything, spend every euro at the vet for his health. Yet, Darwin passed away at 5 years old in my arms. i just couldn't let it go, was it his teeth after all? Was the vet wrong? Was it anything else in his mouth or skull?
    A friend of mine studied forensic science, and i asked her for help. I wanted to make sure it wasn't his teeth and that it wasn't my or the vets fault. Because i got his teeth checked out so many times, i was really doubting.
    I burried Darwin in a safe place, and after three months i dug him up. I cleaned and preserved the skull myself, i don't recommend anyone doing it.
    When i finished i could observe the skull, it was in perfect condition. All the teeth were normal and i could find no abnormalties. And that gave me the rest i needed.
    Now Darwin has a spot in my living room underneath a glass dome. Honoring a guinea pig who was more human than some actual humans.

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