Flying From Southern Europe To Eastern Europe With Cannabis.

I made this video of how I brought cannabis from Spain to Bulgaria. I do not recommend flying with cannabis. For anyone who is curious I thought I would share …


  1. If one actually gets caught, is their jail time or just a fine? I’m thinking of taking a few cartridges and a couple edibles

  2. Hey what's up man. I'm going San Diego next month and wanted to bring a little back. My question is what's best to use checked bag or carry on? Just tips period would really help, I'm not tryingt to go crazy just few gs. Thanks

  3. 3:30 me to man on a holiday you need to be able to relax! Also i will fly to Tenerife in June from holland and was looking for ways to get some weed with me like 3grams do you maybe have any tips so that i don’t get caught

  4. Look I’m 16 and I need to bring my wax cart and battery on my carry on. Does it matter what I look like because I’m going to be with family and I’m just trying to get thru with no problem

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