Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020 @ABC REACTION!!!

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  1. This was a big deal for Eminem so everybody was shocked and excited for this only because 17 years ago Eminem refused to go-to to the Oscars to perform this song to take care of his daughter

  2. Everybody in the audience was surprised because nobody had any idea about him performing. Oscar's reached out to Eminem months ago asking him to perform the song because they were paying tribute to movies that have songs that are as big as the movie is. The Oscars wanted it to be kept secret so they had closed off rehearsals for Eminem. They didn't know why he didn't show up in 2003 to accept his Oscar but when they found out why he didn't they wanted him to come back to perform.

  3. Martin Scorsese wasn't sleeping, his daughter sitting next to him posted on social media that he closes his eyes when he's listening to a song that he likes because he puts himself in the song. Something along those lines.

  4. Im sure Em wouldn’t normally be interested in this shit
    He only did it to piss off Nick Cannon, Lord Jamar, MGK, Joe Budden…etc.
    They would suck a dick just to be on that stage for a second, trust!

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