KISS from the PIT and Gene Simmons! San Antonio and Houston 2019

KISS live in San Antonio and Houston, meeting with Gene Simmons and getting health and life advice, some amazing shots from the pit in 4K. If you would like to …



  2. A BIG thank You to the cleaners & crew behind the scenes, who don't often get the recognition they truly deserve. Thank You for recording that part.

  3. Awesowe!!! Actually, I will go to Two KISS Shows in December. But, I didn't buy Vip package. Because, It's very expensive… Anyway, Thank you for sharing this!!

  4. YES! That"s great advise!
    "10 Thousand steps a day"
    I could not walk 2 months ago, diagnosed with a severe herniated disk.
    Walking is a God send for everyone over 50.
    Thank You!

  5. I want to thank you Bob, this made my morning and brought back some memories of the concert I seen, thanks

  6. I am so pissed that my life sucks and did not go the way I planned. I would have loved to get Genes bass and Paul's guitar, but I can't afford even a paid tolite. Kiss is such an amazing band.

  7. Kik ass vlog bob!! I went to their show in Albuquerque on 9/11 dope ass show as well!! Keep up the great work!!

  8. You are so lucky dude I am a big fan of kiss wish I had the chance to see them I'm kicking my self in the ass for not going to see them .

  9. ok bob its awesome! pauls voice is a little annoying though … i was a kiss fan back in early 70's before anyone else in my school in n.y. i did the old sleeping over my friends house but took train by myself at 13ish years old to scalp tickets to see them . 54 now ..i still have original merchandise…. 1st original album.. all albums to elder anyways…. they really did put on a show… 1st alive is still my favorite album ✌🏻

  10. I cannot believe these talented guys are actually closing this tour soon but kiss Kruise will be up next..

  11. I don't know But this show was even more awesome than the first one you vlogged!

  12. Hey video bob thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I went to my very first KISS concert under the Brooklyn Bridge the reunions tour it's always good to see these guys play too bad they're hanging up their instruments but they earned it

  13. I knew there was more to you than BTTF Deloreans. I am the hugest Kiss fan. And that video camera was awesome quality. Thanks Bob!

  14. Gene Simmons rocks..But I wonder if My Grandpa can do that…..Not bad for 70 years old dude. I guess back in the days those guys were made to last.

  15. Bob the great kiss footage makes this video One of your best yet. PS junk the rolls Royce, we are somewhat tired of looking and hearing about it Keeo Rocking !!!πŸ€˜πŸ‘½

  16. Hey Bob, I know you're a huge fan whereas I am not but I hope you'll take my comment in the spirit in which it's written. There are MANY great bands out there who are now in their 60's & 70's some sound OK & others, not so much. I've always been a big fan of Phil Collins but over the past several years his health has been failing to where he now uses a cane to walk on stage & then sits for the entire performance. He no longer plays drums but luckily his son, Nick, does an amazing job at filling in. The saddest part though is his voice, he sounds awful but yet continues to tour when he should just bow out gracefully but to me I think it's all about the mighty Dollar. The same goes for KISS, they honestly sounded terrible (sorry), the ONLY saving grace were the theatrics but even those were kinda lame. Artists should really know when to throw in the towel before they really lose face & quit doing the drawn out tours. Phi Collins, KISS, Fleetwood Mac, Stones etc. have enough money to live on very comfortably so maybe just do the odd studio work where you have Pitch Correction software so at least they would always sing in tune. Just my opinion. Congrat's on getting Gene to give your channel a Plug, that was awesome!!!!

  17. Bob! My friend that was the icing on the cake!! Nicely shot and edited! Your skill set is beyond!…you are one heck of a content making machine! I'm glad this channel is GROWING! really reflects on the quality of your work!, and the community comment section show's it bro! Cheers Bob!πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!

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