Exclusive interview with Rick Simpson.

Interview with Canadian hemp oil expert Rick Simpson in Zagreb, Croatia by journalist Oswaldo Perez Cabrera. Rick claims the oil cures cancer, MS and other …


  1. We have a failed system of justice, a proven system of corruption, total disregard for science and sustainable solutions, and failed system of medicine….. what happened to the hippocratic oath?

  2. Thank you Rick for reintroducing this magical oil…the way you have been treated is unforgivable… i am following in your foosteps and my life now revolves in helping sick people lets hope that will soon become available to everyone …and stop this needless suffering…..you are so cool

  3. You are a LEGEND!

    What you have done for humankind is AMAZING!


  4. There's a very simple way to prove that it works!…Why don't you find 5/10 people with cancer that would be prepared to let you medicate them and let's see if it works. (Personally I know it it works) but so does the rest of the world.

  5. I absolutely idolize rick Simpson! I’m trying to scream his word and my own studies on my side of the world through YouTube streams i’m doing. Ive also started a Facebook page, that’s gathered allot of followers.. we’re about to lose my father, and he’s way to stubborn to try the oil, I’ve pushed, pushed, pushed. But no luck.. also lost my mother to cancer.. I just want to help people and spread love!! Leave this police state../province, fml. My wish is to meet Rick. Aswell get my word out..!

  6. So if you have an illness do you have to constantly take the oil for the rest of your life? Or can you do a cycle and that be it… giving you lead a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Rick Simpson was a jerk in my opinion and this is long overdue for me to share this story… I was deathly ill in 2014 and I ordered his online PDF book for $8.99 to help with pain and I accidentally ordered two… it was during a time I was going to a lot of doctors and paying out of pocket so every dollar counted as I was disabled and unable to work… I immediately contacted Paypal to let them know it was an accident and to please ask the seller to refund one of the charges and Rick Simpson refused the extra purchase he threatened me and said if I wouldn't except a partial refund then he wouldn't refund any of it… WHAT??? I was deathly ill and accidentally ordered two and let you know within an hour after the order. I deleted his crap ebook and his crap knowledge and found way better healing modalities than he has. I will always remember Rick Simpson by that experience, as a vindictive person, with a chip on his shoulder, who lashes out at people who has a short fuse and little empathy. I have no doubt there are others out there who have had nasty experiences with him because I literally didn't do anything for him to freak out like he did… I contacted paypal and nicely said I accidentally purchased two of these can I please have a refund and he went all crazy on a vendetta to make sure I didn't get a refund… in all my years of buying things on line I have never had a vendor act so inappropriately. His email back was literally a threat for simply asking for a refund on an accidental double order.

  8. I want to specially thank Rick Simpson for saving my wife's life with his healing oil here in the United State of America. My wife was diagnose with Breast Cancer 3 years ago, and ever since she have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped her, but only damaged her immune system and render it weak and helpless until I saw a post on Facebook on how the cannabis oil had cured cancer patients, I quickly emailed the mail: [email protected]gmail.com for the procurement of this medication. And from that very moment we just have to give it a trier and he told us, that his oil will heal my wife cancer problem only if we can order for it online as soon as possible, and to my utmost surprise, we decided to give it a try and behold when we did exactly 48hours of ordering the medication came to our door step through the delivery agent and deliver it to us. Am now here to testify that my wife is no more a cancer patient, We have experience a total transformation in her health sector with Rick Simpson Cancer Cure service. Get your Hemp oil from : [email protected]gmail.com

  9. Recently I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer. I was sent for every Test at our local hospital, and my results showed that I had a 2 cm Cancerous Lump in the same place, same Left Breast, in which I had a previous LUMP removed 13 years ago., where the Cancer was Contained inside the Cyst. Also, all my Lymph glands removed from under my arm. That 1st operation was followed by 15 sessions of Radium Treatment and 5 years of taking Tamoxifen Tablets .Now I have been seen by an Oncologist here in Italy, who also agrees that I have to have a Mastectomy. A date has been set for 29th November 2017, very soon for the Operation. I am a normal active 75-year-old person. I have been advised to NOT accept this surgery, and instead, start to use cdb Oil as soon as possible. Is there anybody on here who can Help me to decide, which option to chose, time is running out for me, as the Operation is drawing near. I have been advised to buy cdb oil, which is available online Thank, you.

  10. Thank you., Rick Simpson for your testimony I am very well pleased with your honesty and humility. It is never wrong to heal yourself and it is the law makers who are the criminals they should be locked up for deception with malice intent and neglect for citizens rights to heal themselves. These laws are all null and void, for they are sequestering and murderers of people that would otherwise make the oil without barriers and have healing and quality of life and more abundantly a healthier no disclaimer as Pharmaceutical artificial medication that cause more side effects than heal what symptoms are being treated. Let's pass laws against prohibition of cannabis all these laws of greed must be repealed and unconstitutional in every country so cannabis can be grown legally to heal ourselves.P

  11. In 1948 the Brits forbade the extraction of seasalt in India. That was the act that discredited the clolonial power with the independence movement succeeding shortly afterwards.

  12. Rick,
    While I do agree about all the healing properties in Cannabis. My boys have been smoking for years and if they do not have it, they act crazy and violent. I see the huge addiction they have and feel the public needs to know the other side of it. Smoking it is not good for psychological ramifications. I do not advocate smoking it but definitely encourage the oil use. If you do not like the high you get from the oil. Which I do not. There are other ways to use without the high effect. ie, topically, suppositories, ect. Please comment about the smoke use vs oils.

  13. I want to specially thank Rick Simpson for saving my wife’s life with his healing oil. some years back my wife Rose was diagnosed with a deadly disease cancer of the lungs, we try all medication all to no avail, we also try to do the oil our selves but we were doing more harm than worse. until I saw a post on facebook on how the cannabis oil had cured a cancer patient, I quickly mailed this email:
    [email protected]

    From that very moment we just have to give it a trier, instantly we got a reply from him asking us what the exact cancer problem that my wife Rose has, we explained every details of it to him and he told us, that his oil will heal my wife cancer problem only if we can order for it as soon as possible.
    He calculated the dosage for us to buy i think the dosage he calculated was 60grams of the oil which we ordered plus 30grams maintenance free and also with a body lotion and soap. He told us that if we order it online now by the next 48hours the medication will get to our door step through the delivery services, we decided to give it a try and behold when we did exactly 48hours of ordering the medication came to our door step through the delivery agent and deliver it to us. immediately we emailed Rick back that we have gotten the medication, and the usage instruction manual was also delivered to us. my wife Rose started the medication immediately just after a month of using Rick Simpson cannabis oil, Rose is now free from cancer problem, she is living a healthy life my utmost priority of sharing this short testimony is for those that are suffering from my wife kind of cancer diseases or if your friend or family members are suffering from this deadly disease, please don’t die in silence there is a cure for your cancer today don’t waste anytime further you have to email Rick Simpson directly and save your live and the lives of others

    E_mail: [email protected]

  14. I'm currently looking for someone here in West Central Illinois that would be willing to grow me a couple of plants that are Potent Indica Strains so they can make me the Oil the way Rick has on his website so I can cure my Stage 4 Inoperable Double Lung Cancer.

  15. There are 50,000 reasons why I'm a Cannabis Advocate, Humanitarian and not a
    "conspiracy theorist". George Washington and the founding fathers were
    right, "plant it everywhere"! Pot was their salvation and it should have
    been ours! 150 years ago, half of all Americans were Farmers. Our
    "agricultural roots" have been cut! We have become dependent on grocery
    stores instead of local farms. Since pot prohibition, corruption
    continues to grow. Utilization will solve most of today's
    problems. The miraculous "Everything Plant", aka "marijuana", may
    repair and save our damaged Earth. Benefits of Utilization include;
    Healthier (preventative) & more productive population, Healthiest
    Food sources, Cleaner Air , Water and Earth, most versatile Medicines,
    replace Energy needs, far less Pollution, stronger Infrastructure,
    better building Materials, New Industries creating broader financial
    Prosperity, etc. Government and Corporations including big pharma, intentionally
    removed cannabis from the U.S. pharmacopeia after prohibition in 1937.
    They cleared the way for "Chemical", rather than "Naturapathic"
    Medicine. Our lifespans ARE NOW decreasing because of cancers and
    disease! 100 years ago, cancers killed 1 out of 20 Americans,it steadily
    increased to 1 out of 2 today! Our bodies are suffering from
    "cannabiniod deficiencies" and now the entire Earth is suffering. The
    first thing We must do, is to
    stop using Trees instead of Cannabis! Since 1990, the Earth has lost
    the equivalent of 1,000 football fields of forest, every Hour, according
    to the World bank. Over
    a longer time span, this would not hurt, however a shorter period, like
    25 years, does harm! Essential Natural resources and ecosystems gone
    forever hurts us all. Biologically and Environmentally, we-need-weed! Environmental Pollution creates diseases that kill
    people! Pollution is the silent killer! Pollution kills more people
    every year than wars, car accidents, and homicides combined. Our
    lifespans are "decreasing"! The latest numbers aren’t pretty: From 2000
    to 2009, American death rates improved at 1.93 percent for men and 1.46
    percent for women annually. From 2010 to 2014, that plunged to 0.6
    percent for men and 0.42 percent. This is bad news for almost everyone
    but pension fund managers. potman.org

  16. I love this man and his cannabis revival Buy 4 ozzies cook it up and suck it and see people, my experience is it is a miracle fast herbal remedy for many maladies, i take a few grams whenever each year as a preventative… YOU are the scientists you are waiting for, if it works for you, offer it to your willing sick guinea friends, if it works for them… which it may do, then the news spreads exponentially fast AS IT IS DOING amongst all of us other than the fuddy duddy wombles…keep dreaming and waiting for your big pHARMa and gov backed trials, i had a 15 year chronic illness symptoms reversed in 10 days when i ate 2 grams of oil over 10 days, i had a skin cancer that had been growing for 4 years totally reverse, heal and not return after less than 10 days applying the oil topically… yeah just anecdotal evidence until YOU make some up for yourself, once, twice, twenty times, preferably indica but all types of weed works well for me so far-, just need to learn each uniques medicine and gauge dosage…knowledge is USELESS unless it is applied! From the start to this day this great man has taught each of us how to make our own because we need to learn to heal ourselves, relying on medicines others or a huge corporation has made is unnecessary

  17. Think of it this way, they keep us sick and they stay rich. The pharmaceutical rodents really need one serious clean out. But what a better way to cull the human population. They inject our children with vaccines they are loaded with heavy metals. These baby's develop all kinds of cancer. Or it turns them into drooling fools that the parents can continue to water like any other plant that does nothing but stare back with nothing behind their eyes. No parent should have to deal with this. This oil is the answer and if breaking the law will save my life or others you can bet your butt cheeks I'm going to help. What thy did to this man and the people he was helping should be charged on grounds crimes against humanity, Rick Simpson is a inspiration to us all. Great video. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you again for telling the truth!

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