1. You do not brew compost tea that long bro. It is aerobic compost tea, after that long of a brew you are not aerobic anymore. So many organism in your liquid that air can't get in. If you checked that with a microscope you would see organism that you don't want in your growing medium. Such as ciliates and other anaerobic organism.

  2. I love how you put that, " gonna do a kgb grow next year". If i had the seeds I'd do that too. I've got the space, knowledge and time. Been growing indoor for years but woukd love the fat harvest from an outdoor grow.

  3. Hi my friend ('.') !!!. I am your new supporter !. 😜😍 😘😊 Stay connected together. Hope you will visit me! 💐🌺🎁👍💖, great nice channel. everything is looking awesome man loving the good vibes…….

  4. Ppl r dicks looks good plants b loving that check out my girls won't b disappointed… good video look into landscaping mycohorizza 10lbs like 150$ I use it …
    Try watching few my videos on fimming and twisting branches also how I turn my girls on to bushes . And the silica u can also use is diatomatious earth in soil and on plants for bugs it has calmagnin it so that's a benefit… one love brotha. Stay tuned and check out few videos.

    Nice bench.

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