1. I'm from minnesota and i say its cashed LOL. I've never heard its kicked before lol thats cute :)))) I LOVEEEEE YOU SO MUCH SASHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. it’s almost 2020! also I have never heard ‘kicked’ before. only ever said ‘cashed’ lol! how crazy.. sending much love to you and your family this holiday season ♥️

  3. I’m from Ohio and say cashed but I started smoking with Californians so I bet that’s why I say that! also… it’s almost 2020!! 🙂 take a nice break girl you deserve it

  4. Hey look I love your content and I even smoke with you but like you talk about making stories so much it makes me cringe and get Frustrated. Can you not like do that anymore because it makes you sound like a basic Valley Girl and you're not

  5. From New York and we definitely say kicked, I don’t know anyone that says cashed… not sure I’ve really ever heard it

  6. Usually just say cashed, kicked and beat are used and I personally like to say "its pooped". I'm honestly surprised there aren't more words 😂

    It's almost 2020! Really hoping this year is when things start looking up for everyone! We deserve it.

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