This Carbon Filter Removes all the Bad Stuff from Your Bong Rips! – @mooselabs

When I first saw the pictures emerging of these filters blackened and full of nasty shit, I was highly intrigued. My first thought was, does the flavor hold true when …


  1. Try and make yer ears pop… yer sinus' are clogged… pinch yer nose n pop yer ears… stand up… arms over head breath thru yer nose…. ninjas dont choke… good vid…

  2. bro I've been using a contraption that I made a bong with double percs and a special glass pipe with active carbon it can take a few days of abuse before needing a replacement carbon but the stuff that comes out of that glass tube is gnarly to say the least self burning, impossible to clean of anything it's like super grease and just imagine what a joint does to your lungs just few inches from your mouth no filter nasty

  3. Soooooo stoked! I smoke bongs daily.

    I've been wanting something like this for a while. Considered making something myself but this is perfect!

  4. I'm super down with the filtration but I'm not sticking that dumb silicone thing in every bong I hit.. they need to make a piece that takes those filters

  5. Hey buds thanks for putting out this video <3 I just got dumped today and your videos always make me feel a little better <3

  6. #HerpTerps! Spread the love…
    That shit would make me self conscious too! Don't forget, it is possible to spread herpes while you're not having an outbreak… That shit's for life! Thanks for the content brother πŸ‘ love you man! ✌

  7. sick product but why would anyone use this for well temped dabs??? i get it if your scorching your oil but you shouldnt be doin that in the first place lmao

  8. I've tried this out with toilet paper and it works and also if u was exhaling through two squares of tp then you'll see all the resin that your lungs didn't collect and it's alot

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