The Spare To The Heir (PRIVILEGE or CURSE)

As the second in line of the future monarch, you are as The Royal Family experts put it so bluntly: “The spare to the heir.” Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew and …


  1. We, who have elder siblings are all spares – but that doesn't hinder us in forming our own life, cause every child is different – also within a family !!
    Every child is born with talents different from the others in the family – hence no child is asked to be a copy of an elder one.
    Originally it was so in England that the first son was to inherit the titel, estate and place in the parliament – the second child was to establish a carrier in the military, the third in the priesthood, and if more sons, the fourth son was send to Africa ( like Harry) to cut out a future for himself.
    So, where is the big deal ?? – how is it this harry is going to be handled differently than has earlier been the case ??
    This Harry has ALL his life known he had a different future than his brother – it's no different than all other children born into a family !!
    How come this Harry should be forgiven for things we never would have forgiven other children/young ones for ??

  2. No one talks about the other royals. They would not get any press. The other royals are not popular. If they talk about the other royals their tabloids would not sell. They have to talk about the most popular royals around the world.. Meghan is a kind, articulate, beautiful, intelligent and inspirational person. If the British tabloids yellow journalism, uneducated and bias journalists would print the truth. Meghan would have no problem. It is the lies that she cannot tolerate. Meghan only does good. She does not hang out with pedophiles and have a man sucking her toes after she was married. Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and His Royal Cuteness Prince Archie a lot of us are praying for them. Prince Harry is doing a lot. Thank God he was not the first born. He would not be able to do what he is doing. May God richly bless them.

  3. Well if anyone was immersed in scandal it was Prince Charles. So the whole comparison of Andrew with Margaret does not fly. It seems to me that the 'spare' is often ungrateful. Most people have to deal with restrictions, as does a king or queen even.

  4. Thank you for your videos, I appreciate them so much. It's like understanding what's going wrong, not going for sensationalism.

    How about a video on inferiority complex acting out as a superiority complex? I wouldn't be surprised that a certain wife of a certain spare would unconsciously use this as an armour. Amongst other things.

  5. Long ago the Royals sent the heir away for schooling, etc. They were held as special from the moment of birth. However, even that didn't stop jealousy and the lust for power from their relatives. Back then, murder was a concern when others had an eye on the throne!

  6. If a "spare" is a negative sort, they will spend their life being unhappy that they will never be the monarch (power) unless something, like death or abdication happens to their sibling. It could be distressing for the negative sort of spare as their sibling begins having children putting them farther and farther from power which they crave. They may act out or do things to draw attention to themselves seeking publicity. Often they do very negative things. As they say, bad attention is better than no attention – some take this to heart! Instead of accepting their role as it is, they seem determined to be in the spotlight any way they can manage it. They seem compelled to 'compete' with the heir in a rather transparent sort of angling for public love and attention – often in direct, public competition with the heir. It's unseemly and quite infantile really. A lifelong thrashing tantrum. It is likely healthy to let royal children understand the monarchy and how it works early on. A huge focus should be put on siblings of the heir acquiring skills in activities and studies for which they show an interest. Young children are wiser than we believe and with proper love and guidance, they can grow to understand that their family is normal in many, many ways, but in one specific area it is significantly different. Drastically different. Kids are resilient. They can handle the truth. I would say no later than age 10. Definitely before the hormones kick in.

  7. Hi Sue….just want correct what i said re Queen Elizabeth when she was empowered as Queen of England…it was in 1952 and not 1953…unintentional error was a typo!….thanks….looking forward to you next video👍..

  8. The spare is a curse because have to play the same role as the prince but have to still in his lane, although we want more off the spare he have to seat back can't do what he wants to do, although he can make things happen, look at the plan the the prince makes to improve frogmore cottage wow what a masterpiece to that old cottage, this Royal young man have bigger dreams, just need the place to make it happen, were never the spare goes the prince is a golden egg

  9. I think that both Harry and Andrew have been jealous of their older brothers for a very long time. In the case of Harry, Meghan has tapped into his jealousy and has used it to her advantage to help isolate Harry from William and the other Royals.

  10. Hi Sue, I am new to your channel. Simply love your views. I am learning something new today. By the way, you do have a very soothing voice.

  11. OMG!! That's the same in every family I'm the youngest of 3 all girls😊 and always go your certainly not like Ann, and Ann at school got oh! Your certainly not like Eileen 😊😊😊I certainly wouldn't like to be a Royal 😊he will bounce back when ME-Gain leaves! Because she was a precocious spoilt BRAT! !! So she's telling Hazza he's equle😞

  12. Andrew and Harry have shown that the spare is psychologically vulnerable to blackmail. They are both jealous and feel like they have been passed over. All it needs is for an unscrupulous person who approaches them with knowledge of their weaknesses to take advantage of their low self esteem and desire to be # 1.

  13. Hi Anne….MM wrote to Hilary Clinton 1st Lady in 1993….sorry i didn't mention the date in my last reply. If you consider MM was born 4th Aug 1981 she would have been 11 years old in Aug 1992. It would have taken some time for the scenario of MM protesting about the ad to play out, from observing the video at school she would have been researching, writing letters and of course she would have to attend school during the day, all of which would take some time. Aug being quite late in the year, it would have ran into 1993 when MM wrote the letter to Hilary Clinton……best wishes….

  14. Hi Anne…I'm sorry i should have included dates in my reply to you. It was in 1993 When MM wrote Proctor and Gamble and 1st Lady Hilary Clinton. MM asked Proctor and Gamble to change ad to 'people all over America' instead of women all over America.' to which Proctor and Gamble complied……best wishes…

  15. It's time that the current RF modernize and prepare the "spare" for a profession outside the monarchy. Why aren't they providing alternative guidance for their children for honorable professions in law, teaching, or STEM careers? The charitable "foundation" establishing is just another way gain monies from the public to fund their lifestyles (like the Clinton Foundation). It's time the spare be prepared to work outside the RF as it seems the public is sick of supporting them and the extended "working" royals.

  16. Ga Gaga  Pointing out her behaviours. Welcome to Royalty. Deal with it. MM has accepted a life where her only relavence is to support the Queen and The Crown. The sooner she learns this, the better her press will be.

  17. Andrew is not like his great uncle

    He's more like Edward the 7th . Only credit is that he loves his daughter and has been very supportive of his x wife.

    Otherwise a very delusional and thick person.

  18. There is a culture of MISANDRY in the post feminist world

    So a lot of females direct their venom towards the 2nd son who might not be a privileged place .

    Females have failed to be like men so they degrade males if they can .

  19. Margaret was definitely a tragic figure. She lost her Dad whie still very young and her life had no direction. She was a smoker, a drinker and totally opposite Queen Elizabeth II who was so disciplined. Margaret chose a self destructive lifestyle.
    She definitely felt entitled and was spoiled. She and Harry have a few things in common.

  20. Why did every spare in the last 3 line of succession did not have enough self respect?
    Im sorry , your life was filled with nothing to want for , you had THE best education and schools
    yet you devalue yourself by totally derailing your path because you have no other aim or dream for yourself?
    🤔 sad , but no pity from me .

  21. What about Anne, the Princess Royal? She's been dubbed the hardest working royal, and yet way down the lineage line. Could she be a great example to her nephew and younger brother who were spare to the heir?

  22. The "orbs" are spirit in nature or as some refer to as angels and always denote good omen if surrounded by them or in the room. I sense your kindness is encouraged.

  23. There's a line in The Crown season 3 about how for every Margaret there's an Elizabeth in the Windsor family (so for every William, unfortunately, there is a Harry)

  24. I should imagine it's no different to being the heir in waiting! They should be prepared but still carry on with their lives.

  25. Great observation, the English monarchy always seems to have an interesting dynamic between serious royal member and another royal who creates controversial. Personally I think another factor to put into the three royal spares you've analyzed is about who is their company, and how that might influence how each person behaves when the cameras are not around.

  26. A phenomenon that has existed since biblical times. However, there have been some heirs who've overcome the 'curse'.
    Some rose to become good rulers upon the heir apparent's death or abdication. Say King George VI, Henry 8(before Ann Boleyn),Elizabeth the Great. The best example is the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman palace intrigues were so fatal that heirs were assasinated and replaced by their spares frequently. Most of these spares actually turned out to be good sultans. My point is the role of the spare has become less significant because of the diminished political role of the mornachy. In the past, they were lords, advisors at court, army generals e. t. c. An absolute mornachy relied heavily on stability and promise of continuity. Thus, it made the spare just as important. A spare served as further guarantee for that. Hence, they had a lot more responsibility on their shoulders.

  27. We are looking at the "spares" from the outside without focusing on what their parents say about them or how they are treated/actions toward them. We as observers tend to only see about them what we want to see most of the time and draw our conclusions based on second hand reporting. I seem to recall an interview made by Prince Charles when he mentioned how proud he was of his second son because of his ability to fly some kind of military helicopter. I have to agree with him on that not just about Prince Harry but for all pilots. I have seen military planes cockpits and helicopters and I know I can't operate them. Not if I want everyone alive including myself. A very wise retired Marines told me once that in Vietnam when you hear your Sgt. say "jump or lay low, go under cover, duck " you just do it because if you are left standing you'll come home in a bodybag. Is it possible that the perception of the spares' acting out is just our own interpretation more so than what it really is? What if it was a concerted effort in the case of Prince Harry for example. What if he really had to play an acting role this time for whatever reason? Usually the reason for them is for the good of the country not so much for themselves. Suppose it is the women throwing themselves over Princes Andrew and Harry and not necessarily the Princes initiating anything.

  28. Princess Anne and Prince Edward have managed to live lives that are productive and a credit to their parents and England. Prince Phillip managed to make a role for himself in the monarchy. It can be done.

  29. An interesting point to raise. That being said, Harry could have still made himself relevant in other ways. Not being heir to a powerful role doesn't mean you cannot carve an important alternative role for yourself. Unfortunately, Harry chose instead to be rather immature in his decision-making, thereby confirming him unsuitable as a potential monarch and reinforcing his elder brother's suitability. Same with Elizabeth and Margaret, really. You yourself said they were brought up as equals, yet their characters weren't. One was good, the other was 'bad'; one suitable, the other not. Your point is valid, but I still believe it boils down to character in the end. There have been bad elder sons too who brought ruin to their family due to their unsuitable characters. I actually tackled this issue in my historical novels but within the British aristocracy. 🙂 I was always fascinated by it. The law of primogeniture is the same in the peerage as in the monarchy, only worse, because I don't believe females can inherit titles. Usually hereditary peerages go down from one generation to the next and they never change because only the Crown can change the Letters Patent, and this document nearly always defines the heir as "heir-male of the body". Only on very rare occasions has it been known to include female heirs, and then only in the more recent bestowal of new peerages. So, by the same token, female offspring ought to feel the same if their brothers are the destined heirs apparent.

  30. I remember when people believed that Ms. Stark was the worst thing that could happen to the British Monarchy, a.k.a. “The good ‘ole days”…LOL!

  31. I’ve been critical of Harry (even before MM came onto the scene), but it must be difficult to be both the, “Spare” AND intellectually inferior to the heir. Harry cannot help this, but I think we liked him better when he he did NOT fancy himself a thinker, and he took himself as seriously as the public did!

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