1. Not a bad explanation of activated charcoal. It also must be said that the more activated charcoal the air passes through, the more of the smell it will remove.

    Filters like you made in your last video do not contain enough surface area to capture all of the smell of even a single plant in flower.

    It also must be said, that unless the air passes through the medium, it will not remove the smell. The air must contact the material for it to work. The less you have, the less it captures. Spaces between the material, spaces between your straws, the casing of the filter and due to the small amount of actual material available to the air passing through it.

    I would have, and have, used a 200cfm duct fan (about the same price as the fan you used) and built a PVC carbon filter.

    This stuff was worked out 10 years ago. Speaker box and PC case grows.

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