1. Can't believe how much damage alcohol does but that's OK yet cannabis is illegal, people that smoke are usually very chilled yet most that drink are violent and a bigger drain on the medical profession, I worked for years as a city doorman and I'v seen it all alcohol is extremely dangerous, and the argument about it being a gateway drug is absolutely rubbish if you are going to be a addict and have a addictive personally then you will be with or without legislation same goes with alcohol, I have and do know countless people over the years that smoke occasionally with no problems and stop and start when it suits them but I can't say the same for alcohol which I have seen destroy so many people's lives jobs.. etc, I also know that the majority of the police I have talked to over the years will tell you the same… All the best price

  2. The faster the Old generation die's out the quick and the new generation will change legislation and theses pitiful and out dated laws will hopefully change for the better legalised cannabis for recreational use just like like alcohol all and tobacco it will be win win for everyone

  3. In the UK we have only recently made prescriptions for cannabis legal, and most doctors still refuse to prescribe it anyway. We're decades behind other countries, but hopefully we can catch up quickly.

  4. Uk goverment should listen to this and stop wasting time on it.the more time wasted…the more people criminalised and police wasting more time money…we are missing out massively in the uk from so much relating to leaving cannabis illegal…..

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