1. This philosophy is ridiculous. If it's true, then Hitler didn't do anything really evil and Ghandi didn't really do anything good. Murder wouldn't be wrong nor would helping the poor be a good act since it's just cells winning out over another's. Human beings aren't morally responsible for their actions and when you tell your children you love them, it's meaningless.
    Also, bad argumentation in general: that Henrietta cells are still replicating means she's still alive presumes that she is purely her cells.

  2. To me i am just my own cnscious inside s body, and that consious is inside my brain, the eletric paterna inside my brain, thats what i am, every memory and every experience you had and life, and even your personality is just eletricity in your brain, to me, that eletrocity its what make us, us

  3. I think of it more as your brain is wired to things which are made to contract if told to, these are not part of you yourself but you are wired to them, in control of them. if you were to replace these which counterparts like machines or somebody else's parts, it would be something made to be wired to you, not part of you, not part of anybody else. you have just in temporary control of it, temporary meaning until you die. in which case the ways the parts themselves keep themselves from rotting and becoming useless ceases and so the parts become like you, dead.

  4. How do you Know a cell has no will have you conversares with one ? How do I prove you have a will? If I am a monk my will may be to perfect stillness and thus you can’t use movement to define will and lack there of is a moot point, what about the will of God as the all encompassing will of all things the vibrational word ? What keeps our blood flowing and heart beating ? Problem with science is this it’s limited

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