Tommy Chong – Sting Operation: When the DEA Is Onto You – This Is Not Happening

Tommy Chong recalls the morning the DEA raided his home and how he was sent to jail for making bongs. (Contains strong language.) Follow Tommy Chong …


  1. Bong? Water pipe? Same thing. It is a device to smoke something out of, illegal or not. There are plenty of herbs besides tobacco and cannabis that can be used in it. Was is smoked out of it is up to the person who bought it. Even if you say it is made for marijuana I don't see how that incriminates you, it works the same way as it would for anything else. There is no reason why a bong should be illegal. They are even sold in gas stations and specialty shops all over the country. the only difference is that they have to call them "water pipes".

    Also, the DEA working undercover and selling something illegally is illegal. The DEA are the ones who committed the crime. I can't see how that isn't an easy defense case, yet he still served time. I would be very upset if I were in his shoes.

  2. Tommy Chong, you had to go through one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary treatments ever. The DEA is nothing but a bunch of butthurt losers who were all hated in life, so they ruin everyone else’s day.

  3. U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab yesterday gave him nine months in a federal lockup and fined him $20,000.

    As part of the sentence, Chong forfeited his Internet domain name,, along with $103,514 in cash and all of the drug paraphernalia seized by federal agents during a raid Feb. 24.

    He'll be allowed to self-report to prison, probably to a facility nearest his Pacific Palisades, Calif., home.

    The case against him was part of "Operation Pipe Dreams," a national investigation of drug paraphernalia distributors that began in Pittsburgh during the prosecution of Akhil Kumar Mishra and his wife, Rajeshwari, who ran two head shops Downtown in the 1990s.

    In February some 55 people were arrested and head shops and distributors across the country were shut down. Chong wasn't arrested at the time, but his business, which employed several glass blowers, was among those raided.

    U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, who appeared in court for the hearing yesterday, said the sentence was significant because it tells the public that "there are consequences for violating the law, even if the violator is a well-known entertainer like Thomas Chong."

    Chong pleaded guilty in May.

    After his plea, he joked with the news media about putting the criminal case in his next movie with Cheech Marin.

    The U.S. attorney's office pointed to those comments to show that Chong, far from being apologetic, was making light of the case and might exploit it for money.

  4. Tommy Chong goes to jail. On September 11, 2003, comedian Tommy Chong was sentenced to nine months in prison, a fine of $20,000, and the forfeiture of about $120,000 in assets. He also had to give up his internet domain name of

  5. Chong announced on June 9, 2012, that he is battling prostate cancer. He described the cancer "as a slow stage one [that I've] had for a long time." He said that he had been drug-free for about three years, during which time he began having prostate-related problems

  6. bruh i aint ever seen him do stand up before but i really like it, he rlly makes it feel like we're having a genuine conversation where he's telling me a story, love that

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