Paleo-Ketogenic Diet Benefits (+ Advanced Tips) • Dr Zsofia Clemens

Listen to Dr Zsofia Clemens PhD, clinical research scientist, explain how the paleo-ketogenic diet heals multiple health issues (+ how it differs from keto/paleo …


  1. After 4 years on a ketogenic diet, this is the first time i ever hear that heavy cream or cheese wouldnt be good for me…wow

  2. I believe that the classic Ketogenic and modern Ketogenic diets are WAY too low in protien to be sustained for long periods, which is why I flourished with around 50/50 ratio of fat to protien (in calories) or 2 to 1 protien to fats (in grams) one year as Carnivore after getting TOO skinny from one year Keto. Do NOT be afraid that alot of protien will over activate gluconeogenisis, as I (at 140 lbs, 5'6", 43 yrs old) consume 3 lbs of beef a day, with some liver and some Salmon, and am leaner and have more muscle definition than ever in my life.

  3. Just FYI, PKD is not a carnivore diet. A meat-fat based diet != a meat-only diet. Some % between 0 and 30 of plant foods is allowed. Per Paleomedicina guidelines. Would thus have been nice to have had a discussion about what plants are allowed (versus what is not). The discussion got hijacked by carnivore-related topics instead.

  4. In her discussion of milk she doesn't mention Leucine but that is what I think she is referring to when she says milk contains growth factors.
    This is the first time I've heard anyone mention gut permeability leading to permeability of other membranes. If this is her idea and its true this is big stuff.

  5. How come in ALL the longest living people on earth or longest lived humans but now dead but well documented , not 1 used this form of eating or anyway near it ?

  6. Colin Campbell related casein (hi in dairy) to cancer in his early studies leading to the China Study. Dairy tolerance (lactose) only became adaptive in certain minority populations, mostly Europeans, relatively recently in evolution time, on the order of a few thousand years ago.

  7. I was having trouble grasping what she was talking about in the intestinal permeability test, but I think it is a double sugar test essentially.

  8. I'm definitely a high-dose vitamin C advocate and agree that anyone eating a SAD diet or plant-based diet isn't getting enough. As long as someone is eating meat and fat and organs, and not adding other stuff, they don't need any extra.

    At 40, I was measured to have severe systemic inflammation, with high homocysteine and typical heart blockage issues, such as restricted blood flow, severe fatigue after ascending a single flight of stairs. I was only 145 pounds, so I wasn't overweight.
    I started taking high doses of vitamin C and my bowel tolerance level was about 45,000mg per day. I took just under BT levels (40,000mg) per day, in divided doses of 2000mg every 2 hours or so, for 1.5 years. I now reach BT at about only 15,000 mg per day.

    Anyhow, as soon as I started taking these high amounts, my fatigue went down, I was no longer out of breath from barely any movement, and my general health dramatically improved.

    I've now been eating a standard carnivorous diet and need way less vitamin C to reach BT. Good stuff! Looking to try full-on PKD as my next N=1 experiment. Thanks for this interview. Very informative.

  9. I paid them to their diet description, but what i got in return was only a loose article about the history of diet since caveman and almost the same as we have heard here. When I wrote to them maybe can I get the whole describe of the diet in the answer they had questioned my mental capability because I couldn't understand it. When I asked about nuts, seeds, or a example diet for an easier understand they denied, when I asked my money back, they refused to transfer back. I had need this diet foremost to my daughter.

  10. Really interesting concept. Avoiding all plant oils?? I've been told that oils like olive oil (the real one, raw, cold pressed not the crap from shops), hempseed oil, flax oil, pumpkin seed oil, linseed oil etc. are really healthy and good for you. Or not?? It's a bit confusing that anything you quite sure about actually false???

  11. Wow – amazing results. My question though is how can you eat 2:1 fat-protein by weight without ending up eating large amounts of straight fat? Additionally, would our ancestors have done that considering there is not that much fat on animals compared to their muscle mass.

  12. Zsofia says that cramps on keto – result of having certain vegetables. But cramps emerges as soon as people go keto! I mean why having both high carbs and vegetables on regular diet doesn't result in cramps, but after goin keto they take their place?

  13. For the brain dead people, that claims that there is no evidence…..there is evolution and anthropologic evidence, so please STOP!! Fat and Protein is what we have always ate! The current means of nutrition for the last 100 years has actually (sugar and carbs) lead us to this pandemic of health issues. So please, if there is anything stupid and radical here, is the simple fact of people wanting to carry on eating GARBAGE and be healthy!

  14. forget the women who does not make any sense at all …….the guy is completely brain dead and a complete imbecile

  15. How the hell can you people say how great this crap is? I asked a simple question and not 1 reply…..LOL
    here it is again surely the besotted admirer,s can answer it? how about the people who posted the video?
    or have they fell in a coma from too much meat?

    How come in ALL the longest living people on earth or longest lived humans but now dead but well documented , not 1 used this form of eating or anyway near it ?

  16. Gary, I've watched this three times in a row over the last week. Must be the best keto paleo interview on YouTube. I hope you can get Zsofia or one of her colleagues on again soon. Just the knowledge, experience and depth of science covered is incredible and inspiring!!!. Keep up your brilliant channel and please keep pursuing the carnivore-keto-space.

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